Friday, December 22, 2006

Mele Kalikimaka is the Thing to Say

Mike and I have been having a 'discussion' the past few evenings about whether or not we should have presents under the tree before Christmas Day. I say yes; he says no.

My reasons:

1. We don't have any kids that will see the presents under the tree before Christmas.
2. We have to pack them all up on Christmas Day to deliver them to the family.
3. I want to take a freakin' picture of the tree with all the presents underneath it.

His reasons:

1. Santa doesn't come until Christmas Day.
2. He's stubborn.

What do you, faithful readers, do? Do you put the presents under the tree as you wrap them (the way it should be done)? Or do you keep them sitting on top of the guest bed all wrapped up and occupying space until Christmas Day (like stubborn men like to do)?

Please leave your preference in the comments section.

This afternoon, my office closes until the new year. I'm not sure how often I will be posting while on vacation, as I plan to go to as many movies as possible next week. I also have a zillion errands to run (one of them is getting my license renewed, which means a long long line at the DMV).

And so, I wanted to wish everyone a great holiday. As the Hawaiians say, 'Mele Kalikimaka!' May you, your families, and all those near and dear to you be blessed with joy, love, and health in 2007.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Year Santa Claus Brought Me a Box of Dirt and a Stick

I'm not sure when I learned there was no Santa Claus - it could have been when I saw pictures of my uncle dressed in a Santa suit, minus the hat and beard or when my two cousins sat me down and told me that Santa was really my mom. Both of those event may have come the same year, but I honestly can't remember.

All I know is that I knew the real truth about Santa at a very very young age.

However, since I was a really smart kid, I knew that I could never let my parents know because that would just ruin all chances of getting really good stuff. So, I never let on that I knew the truth.

In the years that proceeded 'the discovery of no Santa', I managed to figure out where my mom had hidden all my presents. Granted, all the presents were wrapped, but I could always count on finding them under her bed or deep in a closet. One year, I even found presents in the trunk of the car!

Eventually, my mother figured out what I was doing and mentioned it to my father. The following Christmas, I couldn't find a single gift. I searched everywhere - the garage, the basement, the cars, the closets. Nothing.

On Christmas Eve, two presents magically appeared under the Christmas tree. Naturally, I was excited that I hadn't been 'discovered' and that 'Santa' would be making a grand delivery as usual.

Imagine my surprise on Christmas morning when I opened the presents and found a two by four stick and a shoe box filled with dirt. I was devasted. What a terrible thing to do to a kid, right? But no, my parents were all proud of themselves; my father casually mentioned how children should never try to trick their parents, because parents will always find out.

When my tears had subsided, they presented me with loads of gifts, just like all other Christmases (as an aside, the reason I never found the presents is because my mother gave them to my godmother to hide - very clever!). I guess that's why to this day, more than 25 years later, I don't try to keep things from either one of my parents. I definitely learned my lesson.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Mom Used to Call Santa Claus

Apparently, when I was a little girl, I used to misbehave. A lot.

And I apparently knew it too because on December 1st I would start asking, "Am I being good? I am being, right?" And my mother would humor me and say, "Oh yes, you are being a very good girl."

At times during December, I would act out and my mother, not knowing how to handle my tantrums, would call Santa Claus. She would pick up the phone, pretend to dial, and proceed to have a conversation with Santa Claus.

"Santa? Santa? It's Annie's mother. She is very very very bad. Very bad girl!"

I would completely freak out and beg her hang up the phone. Then I would try to hang up the phone myself. Then I would get a beating. And it would always end with a promise from me to behave so Santa Claus would leave me presents like he did all the good boys and girls.

This repeated itself throughout the month of December. But in the end, Santa Claus always brought me some cool presents.

Well, except for the year that he left me a box filled with dirt and a stick. But that's a post for another day.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Trip

Yes, I survived the 2006 trip to Buffalo.

No, it wasn't horrible. It was actually nice and I had a lot of fun.

Unbeknownst to me, the first stop of the trip was not Buffalo. It was Niagara Falls. I loved being there, having not seen the falls since I was a little kid. Mike had never seen them, so it was great to share that with him.

Luckily, the weather in Ontario, Canada, was ideal. It wasn't cold, so we spent Saturday afternoon walking around the falls and taking in the 'tourist' attractions of the area.

Sunday, we drove into Buffalo, to tailgate and enjoy the game. About an hour before kick-off, however, it began to rain. Large, cold drops of rain fell on us for the entire game.

So, no snow, but plenty of rain.

I can't believe I am even writing this now: I would do it again next year if asked.

Ugh. Mike has turned me into a monster. An awful sports watching, couch warming sports fan.

As an aside, I must wish Mike a happy 38th birthday. Yes, I married an older man. He got lucky when he married a baby like me. Ha!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Leaving... on a bus trip?

I have embraced the fact that I am spending the weekend before Christmas in Buffalo. I have even embraced the fact that the reason I am going to Buffalo is to see a football game.

However, as of last night, I had not embraced the fact that Mike wants to leave tonight for Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, to meet up with friends before meeting the bus that will take us to Buffalo tomorrow morning.

Mike assured me that he would do whatever needed to be done so that I felt alright in leaving the house tonight.

And thus, this morning I created the 'Honey Do It Now List'.

This is what I left for him on the kitchen counter this morning:

1. Laundry - finish the last load, pseudo fold it, and put it all away
2. Sweep entire house (start at the top and make your way down the stairs)
3. Go to post office and mail Christmas presents to Florida and Massachusetts
4. Dishes!
5. Buy your wife diamonds

I felt better knowing that he was taking care of these things. And not one bit guilty and demanding all of it be done by the time I got home from work.

I didn't even feel guilty about number 5 on my list.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Against my wishes, I am going to Buffalo

It appears I will be going to Buffalo this weekend, no ifs ands or buts.

I shouldn't complain because it's a great opportunity to spend a weekend with Mike, just hanging out without a care in the world.

But all I can think about is the laundry that needs to get done, the Christmas presents that need to be wrapped, the floor that needs to be mopped, and the bathroom that needs to be cleaned.

I don't know why I worry about all of this, it's not like I am having guests over or anything like that. I'm not even hosting Christmas at my house. So why do I worry?

Your guess is as good as mine, but I am going to bet my anxiousness about my house is somehow related to being Cuban.

If I can't figure it out, blame it on the Cuban-ness.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Once Again, I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by the lovely and talented Freckle Face Girl once again. Here goes:

Alphabet Tag

A- Available or single? Neither
B- Best Friend? acb and Mikey
C- Cake or Pie? vanilaa cake with chocolate icing
D- Drink of Choice? diet Sunkist or water
E- Essential Item? perfume
F- Favorite Color? blue
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? sour worms
H- Hometown? Miami, Florida, where all the bass sounds were created (yes, I'm a dork that knows the lyrics to Ice, Ice Baby)
I- Indulgence? - ice cream
J- January or February? February
K- Kids and names? None, yet
L- Life is incomplete without? laughter
M- Marriage Date? July 1
N- Number of Siblings?1
O- Oranges or apples? apples
P- Phobias/Fears? being trapped in a cave
Q- Favorite Quote? "A well-behaved woman rarely makes history"
R- Reason to Smile? watching little kids playing
S- Season? fall
T- Tag three people! acb, Courtney, and Gary
U- Unknown Fact about Me! I have never had my wisdom teeth removed
V- Vegetable you hate? beets
W- Worst habit? picking at my cuticles
X- X-Rays you've had? only my teeth
Y- Your favorite food? Thanksgiving dinner
Z- Zodiac? Pisces

Monday, December 11, 2006

One of Santa's Elves Threw Up in My House

Mike and I spent the entire weekend getting ready for Christmas. I told him, the King of Procrastination, if the tree didn't go up this weekend, not to bother putting it up.

So yesterday, up it went. A million lights and about a thousand red ornament balls later , the tree stands. It's quite lovely.

Then, I hung the stocking by the couch with care (sorry, we have no chimney). And added more lights to the railing that overlooks to my living room.

I set up the Nativity scene, which according to my mother (via telephone) is the most important thing of all. At first, Mike tried to set it up, but he couldn't get Joseph to look at the Baby Jesus just right, so I had to take over. He had the nerve to call me a temperamental artist. What nerve!

I even set up an old Nativity set from my single days in the kitchen. And more lights.

I have so many lights and not even places to put them!

All that and I'm still not in the spirit.

I think I need to rewatch A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Oh yes, and it appears I may have to join Mike on a trip to Buffalo this weekend, but that's another post. For now, I'll just say:

I do not want to go to Buffalo.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Andy Williams in My Heart

Every December, I spend the entire month waiting for Andy Williams' song, Happy Holiday/The Holiday Season, to come on the radio. It's a terrible song. The worst. holiday. song. ever. But I'm hooked. I can't stop singing it...

Here are some of the lyrics:

It's the holiday season
With the whoop-de-do and hickory dock
And don't forget to hang up your sock
Cause just exactly at 12 o'clock
He'll be coming down the chimney
Coming down the chimney
Coming down the chimney, down!

In doing a search for the lyrics, I cam across this commentary. I'm glad I'm not alone in my feelings of this song.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mornings at My House

Every morning, Mike and I have a similar conversation -

Me: Gross. Get away from me. Your breath stinks.

Him: What do you think yours is like? Roses?

This morning, however, it was a little different -

Him: Gross. Your breath smells like a sewer.

Me: That's not very nice.

Him: Okay, fine. It stinks like a sewer. In Disney World.

Ahhhh, romance.

Monday, December 04, 2006

On Our Way to the National Title?

This weekend, despite my illness (see Friday's post), I got to watch two preety cool football games.

The first, and foremost, the SEC game. Gooooooo Gators! It's great to be a Florida Gator. Truly, it is.

The second, the Rutgers v. West Virginia game, which despite a loss for Rutgers, was an incredible game. I mean, how often do you get to see a game go into a thrid overtime?

Since I doubt I will be travelling to Arizona or Texas, I am certain I will be watching both games from the same place I watched on Saturday night - my living room.

As an aside, I have to thank my dear ole BFF, acb, for hijacking my password and posting for me on Friday. She's awesome.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Poopers

Dear Readers,

Sorry for lack of posts. Been home sick since Wednesday afternoon.

First a fever. Then the poops. Then feeling better. Then yesterday, the poops again. And again. And again. Then the vomits. Then a fever of 104, complete with shivers and more shivers. Hours later, in the middle of the night, the fever broke.

Today, a diet consisting of sugarfree jello. I'm seriously jello-ed out. Oh yeah, and ginger ale. But at least i don't have the vomits anymore.

Please send good vibrations my way. And have a good weekend y'all.

Love, Annie

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Scenes from Thanksgiving Dinner

OMG - two posts in one day! But I couldn't resist, since I got these pictures from my sis-in-law.

Here, in no particular order favorites, scenes from a Very Diverse Thanksgiving...

My Dad and my faithful Indian companion, Patel

Baby Tommy, great nephew and godson

Dinner among family and friends in my living room. See me in the purple? My profile is 20 pounds lighter!

The Irish side: Mikey, ma-in-law, sis-in-law, and bro-in-law from Flah-rida.
Now, where is my mother? She's sitting next to me, to my right. But shortly after, she got up and made her way into the kitchen. You know why? Probably to wash a dirty pot. Or to invent a makeshift mop with an old broom and towel.

Cuban Guilt

For those Cubans that read this blog, you will understand what I am referring to when I mention the Cuban mop. It's basically a stick shaped like a T, where you hang a towel on the lower end and mop. Then you take the towel off, rinse it off, ring it out, place it back on the stick, and continue mopping. Then you can easily wash the towel when you are finished. Usually, you use the oldest towel you own to do this type of cleaning.

Cubans beware: I don't own a Cuban mop (the horror! someone call the cops!).

My parents arrived in New Jersey last week for a 12-day visit that included their first visit to my new home and Thanksgiving hosted by their wonderful daughter.

A conversation began the morning after they arrived:

mom: do you have a mop?
me: no. i use the swiffer.

an hour later:
mom: do you have a mop?
me: no mom. i use the swiffer to clean the kitchen.

three hours later:
mom: do you have a bucket?
me: no.
mom: then what do you use when you mop?
me: nothing. i use a swiffer to mop the kitchen floor.

the next day:
mom: do you have a mop? i need a mop.
me: mom, i don't have a mop. i don't have a bucket either. i use a swiffer to clean the floor.
mom: why don't you have a bucket? where do you put the dirty water when you mop?

Now, I cleaned the house right before my parents arrived. Everything was spotless. Yet, my mother felt it just wasn't clean enough. Thus began the cleaning. Everyday, sweeping. Then the mop conversation. Everyday, people. Everyday. I hate the mop conversation already.

But if I say, 'listen ma, just stop it with the mop. just sit down and relax. there's no need to clean. please stop!,' I'm sure I'll get scolded.

Because in Cuban households, you never tell your parents what to do. Not even if it's your own house.

Ahhhhhh, here it comes. Can you feel it?

The Cuban guilt has arrived.

Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm Still Stuffed

Thanksgiving came and went. Thankfully, without a hitch.

I am pleased to report that my first turkey was pretty tasty. Since it's over, I can reveal my marinade secret. On Monday night, I marinaded the big bird with Cuban mojo and chipotle (comprised of garlic, lemon, oil, garlic, chipotle), more garlic, and dry white wine. Then I rubbed turkey seasoning all over it and let it sit in the fridge till Wednesday. My mom and I cooked it for five hours, basting it frequently, and the result was a tasty, moist bird which I think everyone enjoyed. The ham was a hit too - but I had a lot of help from the store, since it seems those spiral hams just need to be heated through. :)

The entire family helped too (all 15 of them!) with mashed potatoes (from my hubby), sweet potatoes (from my hubby's nephew's wife - yes, it's a mouthful), sausage dressing/stuffing (from my ma-in-law), meat empanadas, stuffed mushrooms, and eggplant lasagna (from my aunt), chocolate cheesecake (from my sis-in-law), chocolate ice cream "pie surprise" (from my hubby), magic bars (from my faithful Indian friend, Patel), apple pie (from Mrs. Smith's), and pecan and pumpkin pies (from Sam's Club). I'm sure I'm missing something, but you all get the idea of the mass quantities of food.

A smaller group of us (12 in total) met up in Atlantic City on Black Friday to gamble away our nickels. None were as successful as my dear ole ma, who won $281 on a nickel slot machine (a slot machine called Risque Business, which featured a Fabio-looking like guy stripping - gross!) and walked away happy as a clam.

With her winnings she proceeded to buy a variety of items from the Dollar Tree on Saturday, including Christmas lights for my windows, dulce de leche Oreos (disgusting) for my dad, and milk. It's true that only at the dollar store can you purchase items which can accommodate all areas of your home.

We spent all day yesterday entertaining family and friends who braved the holiday traffic to see our new digs (finally!). I won't bore with details, but we had more food. And beer. And spiked punch.

That's what it's all about, huh? Eating and laughing and gossiping. And then more eating. Eating until you pass out. Eating until you have to be rolled out the door. Eating until you just can't eat anymore. And then what do you do? Eat some more. :)

It's the holiday season! As soon as I digest my food, I have to get to the mall.

But I might need a snack to get me energized first. I think my co-worker is selling candy on behalf of her daughter. :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is really my favorite holiday. I suppose I could thank my father for this, since he has always been an advocate for the United States and thanking the country that did so many things to enhance his life.

I love Thanksgiving because it's a holiday where families get together, eat all day long, watch tv, gossip, fight, and eat some more.

This year, I have taken the task of hosting Thanksgiving at my house. I hope I don't let anyone down with my lack of knowledge on Thanksgiving hosting, or any type of hosting, for that matter. But do know that I'm trying my best.

Since I have offered to host Thanksgiving, it's something I have been thinking about for many weeks now (menu planning, distributing jobs, buying groceries). But I have also been thinking about the things I am most thankful for in my life.

I don't know if I am going to be able to post this on the actual day of Thanksgiving, since my parents are arriving tonight and the rest of the week is full of activities.

And so, I present some things I am thankful for:

  • My husband - before him, I really didn't know how happy I could really be. In all it's cheesiness, he is a great addition to my life. And I really don't know how I would function in this world without him.
  • My family, both blood and in-law - despite the craziness of both sets of families, I am grateful that I have them. My side: for teaching me values, for giving me everything they never had, for allowing me to be independent, for supporting me, and for sticking by me always (or, eventually coming around) whenever I made decisions that they didn't necessarily agree with. My in-laws: for accepting me as one of their own, for learning with me, and for making me feel the warmth of family when my own is miles away.
  • My good friends - for sticking by me through the best and worst. It's a blessing to have friends that will drop everything if you need them. It's also a blessing to have friends that you can drop everything if they need you.

I could be thankful for the material things in my life: my car, house, clothes, etc, but that's not really what this is about, is it?

Happy Thanksgiving to all - I hope you find things in your life that you are thankful for.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Commencement of Thanksgiving Week

It's a short week at work - I'm in my office intermittently today and tomorrow and off for the rest of the week.

The parental units arrive from Miami tomorrow, complete with sweaters, gloves, and hats, I'm sure. This morning, it was 35 degrees out with the high only going up to 48. Tomorrow, it's predicted to be at freezing temperature the entire day.

I spent all day Saturday shopping and cleaning. I am happy to report there is an 18 pound turkey defrosting my fridge (nevermind there is no room for anything else) and that my house is spotless. I wonder how long it will stay that way?

And since it's the beginning of the holiday season, Mike and I celebrated by going to see the new 007 movie yesterday afternoon. I think I like Daniel Craig as the new Bond. He's not terribly handsome, but he sort of has that rugged look to him. And his body? To. Die. For.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Last weekend, I had a dream that I flew to California for a conference and Luke Perry picked me up at the airport! Yes, that's right. Luke. Perry. Sideburns and all.

It was a really strange dream because I no longer have a crush of Luke Perry (yes, I was totally and madly in love with him when I was a sophomore in high school, because, hello? he was Dylan McKay on 90210 and really, what was he doing with Brenda, when he could totally have me?). But in my dream, I was really happy that he picked me up and we were friendly.

And then Luke asked me to go with him to a time share presentation in Palm Springs. What could I say? Of course!

But in my dream, I was married. To my sweaty snowape husband in real life. But I did call him, told him Luke had picked me up, I was safe and we were going to a time share presentation.

I think in my dream (at least, I'm hoping) my hubby was jealous.

When I woke up, I was all giddy and happy. I told Mike about the dream. He wasn't too impressed.

What's up with that?

If he told me he dreamt about him and Elle McPherson going to a time share presentation, I would at least pretend to be happy for him.

Well, after I called her a perfect, dirty, and disgusting wench.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I spent the entire day yesterday craving Chex Mix. Not just your regular variety either, I was craving Honey Nut Chex Mix.

On my way home from work, I stopped at the store and bought some. I'm sad to report that it wasn't what I expected. It was nearly as honey nutty as I remembered. WTH?

But I did go home and get to watch Emmitt's big victory on Dancing With the Stars. I didn't expect him to win, but I loved him all season. And it was great to watch the other dancer, Karina, squirm when her beloved Mario didn't win (insert evil laugh here).

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


After one night of the home computer being fixed, it's on the 'outs' again. I think it's my modem. But I ain't no computer wiz, so I can't be sure. Of course, the computer being 'out' means that I can't post any pictures, check my personal email, or pay any bills. Just great. It's like there's a conspiracy against me - DON'T. LET. HER. PAY. BILLS. OR. POST. PICTURES.

The lack of internet access has allowed me to do a few things around the house, though. The first thing I did was create a shopping list for Thanksgiving. The list is pages and pages long and I suspect that we are going to have lots of leftovers, but hey, I'd rather have leftovers than not have enough food. Right? Inititially, when I offered to host Thanksgiving, I had images in my mind of baking pies and making decorations. Now, I'm convinced that if I buy a pie at the grocery store, no one will notice the difference. So I will. And decorations? Yeah, right.

The second thing I did was sit though an hour of the new William Shatner gameshow - Show Me the Money. I have one message for Shatner (or as my husband would call him, OTS, One True Shatner): I'll give you some money if you just go away! The show as a complete disaster, comprised of components from all the other gameshows on tv. Seriously, how much dancing and singing can we take from Shatner? He's not a sexy guy; he really shouldn't be singing Sexyback. No more, please, for the love of all that is holy and pure.

Lastly, and I would have done this with or without access to the internet, I watched the finals of
Dancing with the Stars. I am completely in love with Emmitt Smith. And I am sad to think that he won't win tonight. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Darnit All to Hell

So I tried to post on Saturday. And then again on Sunday.

Obviously, I had no luck.

And so I post the first chance I get on a Monday morning.

It's officially the week before Thanksgiving. Am I nervous about almost 20 guests in my house for dinner? No way! Am I nervous about a visit from my parents? No way! Am I nervous that I haven't even started Christmas shopping? No way!

It's all good.

Until Wednesday night of next week. Then there's a slight possibility that I might freak out. Slight. Freak. Out.

And I have to get the computer at home fixed. Pronto!

But hey - how 'bout them Gators?

Friday, November 10, 2006



I'm so happy it's Friday, I can barely contain myself. Especially since I just got off the phone with the most irritating woman I have ever met in my entire life.

The weekend doesn't hold much excitement for me. I'll be off to NYC for a meeting in a little while, then home probably, to watch stuff stored away on my DVR. Saturday and Sunday, I hope to do more of the same, with laundry, cleaning, and bill paying somewhere in between.

Oh yeah, and fixing my computer - my router is shot and my internet connect stinks on ice.

What else? Oh yeah, the Rutgers win over Louisville last night. The cheapest sports venue in Jersey just got a little more expensive. But on a complementary side (this really wasn't a complaint anyway), I was really impressed when player Rice was interviewed after the game and he said, "it was the team that did it." He took no credit for the win - he credited the entire team. *That's* the way it's done, people! Congrats, Scarlet Knights!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Got Tagged

Freckle Face Girl tagged me. Thankfully, she did, because I haven't done a meme in a long time.

1. Explain what ended your last relationship.

I got dumped. Can you believe it? Sweet little me. DUMPED. It was just as well. I’m sure my life wouldn’t have turned out the same way.

2. When was the last time you shaved?

The day before yesterday. I’m not really a hairy person, but I had a little stubble.

3. What were you doing this morning at 8 a.m.?

At work, on a conference call.

4. What were you doing 15 minutes ago?

Still on the conference call!

5. Are you any good at math?

Yeah, I’m pretty good at Algebra and Geometry. And I like it! Yes, I’m a total geek.

6. Your prom night?

Prom night – the night of dreams! Well, not really. Yes, I went to my prom. No date (I'm a loser), just went with friends. My prom was held at the Fountainebleau on Miami Beach. Afterward, we all went to Denny’s, followed by a night of hanging out.

7. Do you have any famous ancestors?

No freakin’ way. I’m a total mutt from all over the place, but my ancestors aren’t famous.

8. Have you had to take a loan out for school?

I worked through school & my parents were fairly generous, but I had a few loans. Luckily, they are paid off.

9. Do you know the words to the song on your Myspace profile?

I can’t stand MySpace. It’s way too youthful, even for me.

10. Last thing received in the mail?

Some pictures of my parents dressed up on Halloween.

11. How many different beverages have you had today?

One – water.

12. Do you ever leave messages on people's answering machine?


13. Whom did you lose your CONCERT virginity to?

Duran Duran in 1988

14. Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach?

I just did that recently in Hawaii.

15. What was the most painful dental procedure you have had?

Root canal a few years ago.

16. What is out your back door?

My backyard, which houses a grill, a small shed, a Gator gnome, and a St. Francis statue.

17. Any plans for Friday night?

Nothing yet. I have meetings in NYC all day which always lengthens my day significantly long.

18. Do you like what the ocean does to your hair?

No way, it makes my hair very unmanageable.

19. Have you ever received one of those big tins of 3 different popcorns?

Yes! But Mike ate it all and left the caramel corn.

20. Have you ever been to a planetarium?

Oh yes! The planetarium in Miami used to have laser light shows on Friday nights and I used to go when I was in high school.

21. Do you re-use towels after you shower?


22. Some things you are excited about?

My parents visiting in two weeks for Thanksgiving.

23. What is your favorite flavor of JELLO?

I like all the flavors of JELLO – especially raspberry.

24. Describe your keychain(s).

A silver keychain with two rings. On one ring, I keep my office keys, on the other ring, I keep my house and car keys.

25. Where do you keep your change?

In a Glenmorangie container by the front door.

26. What kind of winter coat do you own?

I have a few. A long grey wool coat, a burgundy corduroy that does mid-thigh, and a red down jacket.

27. What was the weather like on your graduation day?

It was Miami and it was freakin’ hot!

28. Do you sleep with the door to your room open or closed?

Open. Except when we have company. Then we close it.

I'm not tagging anyone in particular, but if you want to use this, feel free.

As an aside, I am happy to report that Emmet was not kicked off Dancing With the Stars last night. Joey was and I'm thankful for that, because his bald head and eyes? They were FREAKING ME OUT already!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Here's hoping that Emmet Smith makes it to the finals in Dancing With the Stars tonight.

I know, I'm ridiculous for hoping (especially since I didn't vote because OH MY GOD, how stupid and pathetic would I be to vote!), but that man is GOOD!

You can guess where I'll be tonight at 8. Sitting on the couch with my hands tucked underneath my legs so I don't bite my nails, watching ABC.


But oh so very true.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


It's amazing how quickly a year passes. Last year, I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of Owen.

Today, he turns one.

Here's my tribute to Little Owen through past posts.

Happy first birthday, kid!

Monday, November 06, 2006


It appears I have signed on to be a part of the National Blog Posting Month. Basically, I am supposed to post everyday for the entire month of November. No back posts allowed, I've read, so I've already betrayed my commitment.

Despite not posting on Saturday of this past weekend, I will try my best to post for the rest of the month.

I do promise more pictures of Hawaii, except they will come via posts, rather than flickr (I used up my entire space for the month - darn those free accounts!).

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pictures are up!

My favorites from our Hawaii trip are posted on flickr.

Will post more soon.


Friday, November 03, 2006


Over the last few days, my inbox has been inundaded with friends sending me pictures of their kids dressed up for Halloween. I'm not complaining, since I love kids, and nothing makes me happier than seeing them dressed up as gypsies, superheroes, and angels.
I noticed a trend this year. Aside from the usual superheroes (I got to see a kid dressed as Mr. Incredible, yet he was wearing a Batman mask), many of my friends dressed their kids up as animals.

They are awesome!
Owen the Penguin

Sophie the Ladybug

Cole the Spider

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Something to Wet Your Beak

I know, I know, I haven't posted all the Hawaii pics yet... I will.

In the meantime, here are a few more shots:

Red Ginger

Hanging out on a catamaran

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Next Day

"I was robbed! I spent the whole night waiting for the Great Pumpkin when I could have been out for tricks or treats! Halloween is over and I missed it! You blockhead! You kept me up all night waiting for the Great Pumpkin and all that came was a beagle! I didn't get a chance to go out for tricks or treats! And it was all your fault! I'll sue! What a fool I was. I could have had candy apples and gum! And cookies and money and all sorts of things! But no, I had to listen to you! You blockhead. What a fool I was. Trick or treats come only once a year. And I miss it by sitting in a pumpkin patch with a blockhead. You owe me restitution!"

(courtesy of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown)

So... we didn't get nearly as many kids as we wanted. And we had good candy - Reese's, Baby Ruths, 100 Grands, Butterfingers... But only a few, certainly not enough.

Maybe next year.

Monday, October 30, 2006

We're Back...

We're back and it's 48 degrees here - cold and windy!

Pictures are uploaded, but no time to post now.

Here's a preview, though:

On the plane, euphoric and enthused, despite the 10 hour plane ride

Waikiki Beach, 85 degrees

Sunset on the West side of Oahu, at the Ko Olina Resort

Friday, October 20, 2006

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Busy Week

I haven't posted in a week and with good reason. Or maybe not such a good reason.


It has consumed me.

The only thing that is going to get me through this week (well, today, since I've already worked all week) is knowing that tomorrow, we are leaving for a very much anticipated (and needed) vacation.

I hope to return with stories of the hula, Blue Hawaii's, and Elvis sightings.

Well, maybe not Elvis sightings, but definitely of Blue Hawaii's. :)

Friday, October 13, 2006


A few months ago, I posted about an old friend who I felt betrayed me.

Since that day, I hadn't really thought about her, and certainly hadn't lost any sleep or anything like that.

This morning, another friend called me give me news that she heard through the grapevine.

Turns out, there is a divorce pending.

Karma can really kick a person in the tush sometimes, eh?

And while I can only imagine how much it sucks to get divorced, I actually smiled when I heard the news.

It was a great way to start my weekend.

My Ultimately Favorite Superhero

Mike, 1971

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Making Lists

I know that everyone does it: those lists.

I keep a list for everything. I have a work list. A grocery list. A wish list. A 'to do' list. I even have a packing list.

The packing list. There's a reason behind this, seriously.

Anyone that knows me understands that I do not like messes. I hate piles of stuff on my counter tops and on the bed and dressers. I have to put the laundry away. I have to put *all* the groceries away. Basically, if there isn't a spot for it in my house, I don't want it.

Simple enough, right?

Nah, it could never be that easy.

Mike is the complete opposite. He can leave a stack of clothes on top of his dresser for weeks without it bothering him. He will take a shirt one day, a shirt another day, and before you know it, his stack is gone and he hasn't opened a dresser drawer in a week or two. On the other hand, if I see that, my skin automatically starts to itch and I *must* put the stuff away.

When it comes to packing, Mike will throw stuff in a corner or on top of an extra bed and then pack it in a bag the night before we are due to leave. I can't do that. It's is physically impossible for me to do that.

So I make a packing list. It looks something like this:
  • three bathing suits
  • four pairs of socks
  • five pairs of shorts
  • five t-shirts
  • two button down shirts
  • two pairs of capris
  • two pairs of flip flops
  • purple sneakers
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • deodorant
  • toothpaste
  • camera
  • camera charger
  • extra memory card for camera
  • aspirin/tylenol/motrin

and so on.

This method has worked for me for years. I've never forgotten anything. Except batteries once. :)

So, today, I start my list for Hawaii.

But first I have to check off stuff from my work list. Tee hee hee.

Yes, I'm sick I tell ya. But don't you (my three faithful readers) have a quirk that identifies you?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Excitement Builds

It's a shame that I don't live in Florida anymore. Not because of the heat or humidity. It's because I can't be there to celebrate like these folks:

As of this morning, the mighty Florida Gators were ranked second in the nation, right after Ohio State. Where is florida state? What? Unranked? Oh, yeah, that's right. So sad for the 'noles.

Not really.

Okay, now that I have gloated, I will say that it's a shame the Yankees didn't have the same luck this weekend. Actually, it's not a shame as far as their playing, but more a shame for me because I spent all day yesterday listening to Mike replay their season and his disappointment in the team. At least now, we won't have to watch the World Series while we are on vacation.

Which, coincidentally, starts in 11 days. I need a pedicure.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Chatter During the Day

He calls me at work to tell me he's home from the grocery (nevermind the fourteen phone calls beforehand, asking me what kind of Tampax is the right one).

Him: I'm home from the grocery store.

Me: Did you get everything on the list I left for you?

Him: All of it.

Me: Are you sure? How much did you spend? Did you use all the coupons I left for you?

Him: I dunno. But I bought a chicken.

I can hear him chomping away. Immediately, I am worried that he's bought perishable items and they are sitting on the counter, growing all kinds of bacteria, as he stands there - yes, stands there - eating a supermarket chicken right out of the container.

Me: You bought a whole chicken?

Him (in his Otis voice, from Superman): It's a little bitty thing. A little bitty chicken.

Me: Okay, enjoy it.

I am clearly defeated in the training of the husband.

Then, out of the blue, he shouts out: Pollito!

Not only can I not train my husband, he makes fun of me constantly.

Welcome to the Party

The pity party, that is.

Honestly, I must have some degree of that seasonal disease, because for the last few weeks (ever since the weather changed to autumn) , I have been feeling down in the dumps.

Work stinks.

I can't seem to get the house as clean as I want it.

I am sleeping a bunch.

Oh, and did I mention that work stinks?

The only thing making me feel slightly better is the start of Grey's Anatomy and Dancing with the Stars. And tonight, the season premiere of Lost. Which, if you think about it, makes me really pathetic.

At least I still have my charm and good looks.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Thug in the House?

Last night, I came home from work to my dear ole hubby. Tired as I was, I sat down with him and chatted about our days (on his day off, he scrubbed the bathtub!).

I noticed he was wearing his favorite Sean John shirt. Favorite. Sean John. Shirt. His claim is that it's comfortable. But maybe, deep down, he's a thug waiting to emerge. I really don't know.
I was able to snap a few pictures before he left me, all alone, with camera in hand.

Super Thug Husband

Yes, a cheesy picture. What can I say? It's love!

Monday, October 02, 2006

As the seasons change...

It is undoubtedly fall: we've been watching football, both college and professional, for weeks now. (Go Gators! Go Scarlet Knights! Both teams are 5-0 for the season.)

For two weeks now, we've had to close the windows before going to bed and wake up nestled underneath our comforter.

Last week, I had to rake the backyard.

And this morning, I had to pull on my jacket. A jacket.

But guess what? Less than three weeks until Hawaii!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Follow the Flamingo

They're okay in my book, dammit.

Read about it here.

I'll get gas there, plus buy a bottle of water, and maybe even a Slurpee.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Everyone Needs a Little R & R - eConversation with BFF

Me: I've been watching the Rachael Ray show. Just to make fun of her.

ACB: OMG, you are watching Rachael Ray? How are you not slitting your wrists?

Me: I am dying as I watch her show, but it makes me laugh. I am laughing at her for a complete hour. Have you seen the show? I hope that after she had Oprah on, she calms the hell down. She's all over the place with her talking over guests and chatting and shouting.

ACB: Hmmm, I"ll have to DVR an episode of Rachael Ray. Ok, you've convinced me. :) There was an article in Time about her. It compared her to Barney. Cause kids lover her. Like kids love barney but their parents hate Barney. Same with her. Kids love her and parents hate her. That and she has a big head. Literally, a big head.

Me: I think she has more of a big ass than a big head. Seriously, she was wearing jeans on her show yesterday and her ass was like ALL OVER THE TV SCREEN.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wall of Fame

A few weeks ago, Mike and I went to a chain burger joint. Upon arriving, we noticed lots of pictures on the wall - The Wall of Fame - where patrons who ate a 20 ounce burger had their moment of fame.

My husband, God bless his soul, decided to take on the challenge.

He did it!

Here's the proof:
Hey, everyone deserves to be a burger eating champ!

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Daddy of the Mac

Last night, I watched the highly anticipated season premiere of Grey's Anatomy.

Wonderful. Awesome. Emotional.

Yes, I know, it's just a television show. But it was really moving!

After it ended, I made my way upstairs, where Mike was getting ready for bed.

Mike: How was McDreamy?

Me: *sigh*

Mike: Are you crying?

Me: Maybe a little bit. It was really good.

He went on to ask me about the episode (I think he was trying to gain brownie points with me or something - cause really, what does he really care about the show?).

Suddenly, he said something that I am sure he spent the entire evening thinking about:

The way you feel about McDreamy, that must be the way my female co-workers feel about me. I'm like the Big Mac they'll never get to eat. Cause I'm *your* Big Mac.

I rolled over and went to sleep. There's just no response to that. None whatsoever.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Seriously Think I Am Going to Have a Heart Attack in Anticipation

Tonight is the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy.

Last week, I was very pathetic is my viewing of Dancing with the Stars (which, by the way, I watched again this week and was completely mesmerized - I *love* Emmet Smith!). But this week, I have been counting down the days, and today, I'm counting down the hours till I get to see Dr. McDreamy again. Reruns just don't cut it.

I need McDreamy already.

I won't bother to watch the recap show - after all, I've seen every episode since the beginning. But I will say that I already warned Mike that if he wants anything from me - food, drink, cleaning, even conversation - he has to take care of it before 9 pm, Eastern Time.

I hope he doesn't divorce me when he sees me drooling tonight.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

On Being a Model - Or Maybe Not

Last night, I called my folks for my daily dose of them.

During the phone conversation, my mother asked how my weight loss was going. I told her I was down another pound this week.

To that, my father replied on the extension: Don't go crazy with the dieting, ok? If you lose that's fine. If you don't that's okay too. I don't want you to get obsessed.

I assured my dear ole dad that I wasn't obsessed and that I was eating healthy and that I felt great.

He continued: I just saw on the news that in Spain, they rejected models for being too skinny. They said the girls had that disease... what's it called again?

I replied: Anorexia?

He said: Yes! That's it. Anorexia. Don't get it, okay?

Here's the breakdown:

One month membership at Weight Watchers: $39.99
One Diet Coke to go with salad at lunch: $1.29
Dad asking me - no, begging me - not to become anorexic: Priceless

A Young Hugh?

This is a picture of my nephew. I don't think I've ever seen him as happy as he is here, frolicking in a pool filled with women. The only thing missing is a bathrobe for when he gets out of the pool.

They really start early these days...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Making the Switch

I've always said that I'm pretty computer illiterate. It's a lot that I even figured out how to use blogger.

But this morning, I made the change. I switched to the new beta blogger. I hope it doesn't screw my page up.

Please bear with me as I get adjusted...

Monday, September 18, 2006

All Kinds of Nasty

I hate flies. They are just really gross, disgusting bugs.

I can handle spiders, lizards, even roaches. But flies do something to me that make me want to rip every last hair off my head.

While I detest flies that are quick and make you look like a complete idiot trying to swat them, I absolutely abhor flies that are fat and big and sort of fly around like they are drunk. It's like, Come on! Fly a little faster, you ugly disgusting piece of nothing!

I have a friend who hates centipedes. He is weirded out by them. What do you hate? What turns your stomach?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tough Week for Florida...

... but they still came out victorious. Go Gators!

And though we couldn't be there to watch them, we got to see Rutgers defeat Ohio University.

Here we are, on our way to the Rutgers homecoming game:

Looking way too silly, in my opinion.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

In a Haze...

For the past week, I've had a cold. A nasty cold, complete with three canker sores that affect my daily good humor.

Over the weekend, Mike got biten by a bunch of bugs and his legs look diseased. He's been taking Benadryl and using hydrocortison cream to control the itching.

We have a resident spider camped out in one of our bathrooms.

We have baby frogs (so cute!) that live in our backyard.

We discovered that the field next to our house is home to a wild pumpkin patch.

All that said, I've been in somewhat of a haze. I haven't done laundry. I haven't picked up after myself. I haven't made the bed all week (thanks to Mike for doing that!).

But - I did watch Dancing With the Stars. What can I say? I'm totally addicted. Pathetic.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sweet Sixteen

16 pounds.

That translates into the weight of:

2 gallons of milk.

3 sacks of potatoes.

12 medium canteloupes.

64 sticks of butter.

And it's all off my body.

Monday, September 11, 2006

I Remember

I wanted to write today.

But I couldn't.

I do remember, though. And I am sad.

Friday, September 08, 2006

On Being Cuban...

My cousin sent this to me today. It’s certainly a comical way to end an otherwise stressful week.


I grew up in a household…

  • where coffee, milk and sugar were part of a balanced breakfast.
  • where my ADD and ADHA were treated with en cuanto te coja te voy a partir la cabeza instead of Ritalin.
  • where all it took was just *ONE* look.
  • where we loved white rice and fried eggs.
  • where lentil soup was considered comida de presos.
  • where Spanish was my primary language.
  • where Spanish was my *only* language.
  • where I had to go to school open house to translate for my parents.
  • where music or TV were never played on Good Friday.
  • where we ate bacalao on Good Friday because all other fish were too expensive.
  • where we at lechon at Noche Buena, New Year's Eve, birthday parties, and every other social function.
  • where malanga and manzanilla were the remedies to end all remedies.
  • where I was not allowed to sleep over at anybody's house, but they could all come over to our house.
  • where the carpool was el ride, the lunchman was el carrito, and the lunchbox was la lonchera.
  • where la carne came from la carniceria.
  • where meat and potatoes was literally carne con papas. And it was served over rice.
  • where oxtail stew had the colorful name of rabo encendido or translated - fiery tail.
  • where people were either blanco, negro, indio o chino.
  • where los perros was te dog track, las maquinitas were slot machines, and el juego was anything related to gambling.

I grew up in a household run by Cubans.

I survived in a household run by Cubans.

Happy Friday to all, and especially to my mom and all the other Caridades - Feliz dia de la Caridad!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Weekend in Pictures...

I'm too lazy to write a long post about our weekend in Atlanta. Here are some pictures:

Owen meets Harley

Mike and I at the Georgia Aquarium

Pretty water. Pretty fish.

Cool penguin.

More aquarium coolness.

The World of Coke

Juli poses with her Coke bottle.

All of us

Mike's angry face when I told him he couldn't buy any Coke products - no socks, boxer shorts, t-shirts. Nothing. Just a mousepad.

Owen posing on our last night. Yes, he is wearing a bathrobe enbroided with a duck. His hood also has ears. In a few years, he'll be giving Hugh Hefner a run for his money.

Annie and Books

Freckle Face Girl tagged me to do a meme on books. She says I don’t have to do it, but I will, since I’m smart and read. :) I truly think she tagged me so I would call her the ‘Lovely and Talented’ again…

1) A book that changed my life: Oh! The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss and The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Both books are elementary, yet their messages are so strong. Even if you don’t have kids, you need to have them on your bookshelf.

2) A book that I've read more than once: The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. I have read this book over and over again, each time enjoying it more. I love to go back and hear the wonderful stories of these women and their time in China. Another book I have read over and over is The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Another powerful book – everytime I read it, I am captivated by the character of Celie and want to see her escape the harshness of Mr.

3) A book I'd take to a deserted island: The Bible. I’ve mentioned in past posts about how I am somewhat a lapsed Catholic. I think if I were on a deserted island, I might want to recapture my faith.

4) A book that made me laugh: My First Wedding by Jim Mullen. It’s a parody on weddings and was given to me as a gift when I got engaged. During times of stress in planning my wedding, I looked at it often.

5) A book that made me cry: Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom. I read this book many years ago and found myself tearing up during most of it. It’s a great read and if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

6) A book I wish had been written: How To Clean Up After Your Husband On A Daily Basis and Still Keep a Smile on Your Face. ‘Nuff said.

7) A book that should never have been written: A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. I spent a week reading this and it’s a week I will never get back.

8) A book I'm currently reading: Straight Up and Dirty by Stephanie Klein and The Pleasure of My Company by Steve Martin. They are vast opposites of eachother but intrigue me in different ways. I am not a big fan of Stephanie Klein’s, but am finding her writing to be bearable. As for Steve Martin, I think he is a fantastic writer, and again, if you haven’t read any of his works, please visit your local library and get some.

9) A book I'm planning to read: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Yes, I am the only person in the world who has yet to read this novel.

10) Who I'm tagging next: Little Owen’s Mama, because she knows how to read too. :)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Dream, dream, dream... all I have to do is dream...

I haven't posted all week due to a serious case of blogger's block. But, this morning, I was tagged by the lovely and talented Freckle Face Girl. Here goes:

Top Ten Things I Would Do If I Won A Million Dollars (besides help family)
  1. Pay off debt (two mortgages and one car)
  2. Invest a portion
  3. Donate a portion
  4. Plan a trip to Asia for my parents
  5. Spend in a month enjoying the breezes of Hawaii, followed by another month in Fiji or Tahiti
  6. Buy new clothes and shoes
  7. Invest in one of those California Closets to organize my new clothes and shoes :)
  8. Treat Mike to a Star Trek Convention and possibly even dress up for it - all in the name of love
  9. Buy season tickets to the Yankees
  10. Fly down to see the Gators play the 'Noles every year
Unfortunately, a million dollars doesn't get people as far as it used to. But it's definitely a start, and hey, it's nice to think of the nice things you could do if you had the cash.

It definitely feels like our life has revolved around moving and unpacking for the entire summer. This weekend, we are headed down to Hotlanta to spend the weekend with friends. It seriously couldn't have come at a better time. Our brains are fried. And, the remnants of Ernesto will be hitting the Northeast this weekend, so if we had stayed home, we would have stayed indoors anyway.

Hopefully, next week, I'll have pictures to post and stories to tell.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Saturday, August 26, 2006


When Mike and I first had designs on buying our home, we took pictures of it and sent them to my ma-in-law and my parents. We took pictures of everything - the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, even the yard.

The first thing we were told was: You have a statue of St. Francis in the yard. If the seller leaves it, you have to keep it. Being the lapsed Catholics that we are, Mike and I decided to listen to our parents and keep the statue.

But we felt St. Francis might have been a little bit lonely.

Yesterday, when I got home from work, I noticed UPS had left me something.

Gary had arrived.

Photos, for your entertainment:

Lonely St. Francis

Gary joins St. Francis

Introducing... Gary Gator the Great Gnome. He will protect our yard from stray cats and skunks!

Is it blasphameous to put Gary Gator the Great Gnome alongside St. Francis? Notice we left St. Francis in a prominent place.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Pizza? Pickles? Does it matter anymore?

My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas.

My very educated mother just sent us nine pickles.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

Since I was a little kid and learned this, I've heard arguments about which one it is - pizza or pickles.
Does it matter anymore?

Let's just change it to: My very educated mother just served us nothing.

What a bad mother.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Welcome to 2004 (and that's being generous)"

I recently discovered that I have wireless access.

Hey - I never said I was a technology junkie. Never.

So apparently, I have a wireless card in my laptop. I didn't know. Now I am using the laptop all over the house - the bedroom, office, kitchen, living room.

Next thing I'll be doing is blogging at Starbucks and various airports.

I've probably just opened up my inner monster.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Where Do People Come Up With These Things?

Checking my google mail today, I came across this.

All I can say is if I use one of my own, we won't have a purse - we'll have a backpack.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Not Even Nine AM

This morning, I woke up, went down to my basement to pick up the laundry to fold. While I was down there, I went inside our makeshift pantry to get a bag of pretzels for my lunch today. As I went in to get the bag, the door shut behind me, locking me out. Yesterday, the same thing happened to me, but luckily, Mike was home to rescue me. Not this morning. I don't know how I did it, but somehow I managed to push the door with enough force to get me out, but not break the door. Amazing!

Then, on my way to work, I grabbed my phone to call Mike to tell him about my escapade, when I realized he had taken my phone to work this morning, leaving me him. I called him anyway, receiving an "uh oh"as he answered the phone.

After that, I heard on the radio that they are making a movie about Fantasia. Man, why doesn't anyone make a movie of me? I'm interesting! And have I mentioned, also very cute?

I wonder if this is a sign of how the rest of the day is going to go. I mean, it's not even nine o'clock yet!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Working From Home

I haven't worked from home in a very long time, and I had forgotten how easy it is to get distracted. I also forgot how comfy it is to work from home.

It's breaktime, though, and I thought I would post. Here's a meme - it's been a longtime.

I Love
Start 10 sentences with the words "I love..."

I husband, Mike. But more importantly, I like him too. There's a difference between loving and liking someone.

I love... my family. That includes immediate, by law, and those 'special' friends that have proven to be family over the years.

I love... my new home. Even though we realized on moving day that our guest bedroom has no door. It never had a door. There aren't even hinges on the molding. :)

I love... my country. There's no place like the USA and everyday I am thankful and proud to be an American. I am grateful to have basic rights that so many are denied.

I love... that I am a product of various cultures. It has shaped me into the person I am. And it only soldifies my passionate feelings toward the USA.

I love... that I am a college graduate. No matter what happens to me, I know that my degrees have been a product of hardwork, sweat, tears, and many sleepless nights. No one can ever take that away from me.

I love... that I have stood up to people that haven't believed in me and proved them wrong. Like the college degrees, no one can ever take that away from me.

I love... babies. All of them. Even the ugly ones. And especially those that belong to family and dear friends. Through them, I am able to see hope and promise in a world that oftentimes shows us horror.

I love... traveling. Especially with my husband. There's something fabulous about seeing a new place and discovering it.

I love... keeping things organized. Without order, I can't function. I can't go to work, I can't sleep. I can't do a darn thing!

Now, I'm tagging Owen's Mama, Gary, and Freckle Face Girl.