Monday, September 25, 2006

Everyone Needs a Little R & R - eConversation with BFF

Me: I've been watching the Rachael Ray show. Just to make fun of her.

ACB: OMG, you are watching Rachael Ray? How are you not slitting your wrists?

Me: I am dying as I watch her show, but it makes me laugh. I am laughing at her for a complete hour. Have you seen the show? I hope that after she had Oprah on, she calms the hell down. She's all over the place with her talking over guests and chatting and shouting.

ACB: Hmmm, I"ll have to DVR an episode of Rachael Ray. Ok, you've convinced me. :) There was an article in Time about her. It compared her to Barney. Cause kids lover her. Like kids love barney but their parents hate Barney. Same with her. Kids love her and parents hate her. That and she has a big head. Literally, a big head.

Me: I think she has more of a big ass than a big head. Seriously, she was wearing jeans on her show yesterday and her ass was like ALL OVER THE TV SCREEN.

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acb said...

I love you.