Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Must've Been a Man in a Past Life

Today's mail brought a card addressed to Mike and I.  It was an anniversary card.  Apparently, my wedding anniversary is early next week.

I haven't gone shopping in ages.  Do malls even exist anymore?


Monday, June 23, 2008


Not much time to post tonight, but I uploaded an assortment of pictures from my MIL's camera and thought I would share.

054 022

058 096

Mike and I were also lucky enough to get over to Yankee Stadium this weekend for one of the last games to be played in the stadium. We had a great time, despite the rain delay that left us soaked. I tried to get some shots, but we were way up in the tiers.

005 008

019 013

I've been using Windows Live Writer to post for the last few posts and I really like it, especially when it comes to inserting pictures into posts. I'm slowly learning how to use it, so please bear with me!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Month Eight

Dear Patrick,

Today you turn eight months old and you had a very fun and exciting month.  Your abuelos came to visit us in New Jersey and now you think you are the King of the Castle (not that you weren't before, but now you are a force to be reckoned with!). 

You are now sitting.  You wave your arms all over the place when you are excited.  You roll all over the bed.  You eat (well, sort of).  You drool all over yourself and others.  You recognize your own name.

Patrick 004Patrick 008Patrick 025Patrick 030

You love the pool and bath time.  You are splash water everywhere and never complain if the water is too cold.  You abuela thinks you might become a plumber, because you kept turning the faucet on when she was giving you a bath one day.  In true abuela fashion, she was concerned that you kept turning on the hot water, thus wasting more money. 

Your grandma also bought you a pool for our backyard.  And since we had a few days where the temperatures rose to nearly 100 degrees, we made good use of the pool.  Your dad nearly passed out in the hallway, trying to blow up the pool, and then tried to pass it along to me.  Of course, I nearly passed out trying to blow up the pool myself.  I hope you have more sense than the two of us and realize that you can just go to a gas station and fill up a pool with the free air they provide.  :)

You love going out.  When you are placed in your car seat, your face immediately lights up.  During his visit, abuelo took you on long walks everyday and he would come back with stories of how happy you were, how you giggled the entire walk, and how you looked at everything:  the passing cars, the trees, the people.

You are very social and love people, always giving them your gummy grin or smile.  You are babbling - babababababa.  We are trying to teach you "mama" and "dada", but you always come back with babababababa.  It's okay.  We don't mind.

I have taught you to give "five".  Well, sort of.  I put my hand out and say "gimme five" and you eventually hit my hand.  I always follow it up with a "thank you" which you love.

On Father's Day, we took a drive to Atlantic City, where you entered a casino for the first time - Yes, we are starting you young.  Although you got kicked off the gaming floor, you still got to experience a rarity:  a day where your dad, abuela, abuelo, grandma, Aunt Jacky and I all won!  We took you onto the boardwalk and you loved the fresh ocean air on your face.  We never made it into the ocean, but I promise, we will soon. 

One morning, I brought you into our bedroom where you dad was still in bed.  I sat you on the bed, you played for awhile and eventually fell into your father's arms.  He started telling you a story about Batman and you just stared at him, your eyes revealing that his tale was the best you have heard.  A few minutes later, I heard your deep breaths and realized you had fallen asleep in your dad's arms.  And a few minutes after that, I heard your dad's deep breaths and he began to snore.  It was the best way to start my day:  my two favorite guys, sleeping, and not getting into any trouble.  :)

Patrick, I love to see the world through your eyes.  Everything just seems sweeter, prettier, brighter.  Thank you.

Until next month,


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back to Work

So, I started work again on Monday.  So far, it's not a bad gig.  Two days in the office and one day at home (which I can configure according to my schedule, meaning, according to Patrick's schedule).  I'm back at my previous previous job (the job I had before the job I had when I was pregnant), so I am comfortable with my boss and colleagues.  Honestly, it's like going home.  I feel respected and competent.  I am comfortable with my work and the expectations set upon me.  Sure, the responsibilities are less and that's how I want it.  I have the opportunity to get out of the house a few days a week, bring something back to the table, and spend the majority of my time being a mom to Patrick, while contributing to a good cause while outside the home.

Overall, a good win for everyone involved.

No complaints.  Yet.  :)

As far as the crazy bad dressing co-worker,  I've already had camel toe sightings, super tight white shirts where the buttons are ready to pop open, and black thongs underneath white pants.  It's going to be a great summer!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm Having Pregnant Dreams and I'm Not Even Pregnant!

I woke up this morning and was immediately reminded of dreams I had when I was pregnant with Patrick.

I dreamt that I was going to see New Kids on the Block in concert and I just walked backstage to see them. They were very friendly and sweet. Once the concert started, I went right up to the front and Jordan sang TO ME! Then he took his shirt off.

The end. :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This Heat Makes It Hard to Do Anything... Even Blog

For the last four days, we've had temperatures high in the 90s. Hot, thick air is present from early in the morning until late in the evening. It's hot. Unbearably hot.

But tomorrow, we're having a coldfront: it's supposed to drop into the 80s. Whoa.

In other news: I'm going back to work next week. I start Monday. Part-time. It's exactly what I need. And since I'm returning to the place I was previous to my last job (does that make sense?), I'll have more to blog about, since it signals the return of 'my crazy bad dressed co-worker.'

I can't wait.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Parental Units Have Arrived

And do you know what the means? A baby that showed off his "tricks" for two hours, rubbed his eyes (a clear sign of fatigue) and then REFUSED to sleep when I put him in his crib. He finally went to bed after my father held him for a half hour. When I came in the room to check on him, he turned his head.

Already, it's starting, folks.

I'm the mean mom that makes him go to bed. Abuelo is the great guy who plays.

PS - Thanks to everyone who reached out to me (via this vehicle and through my personal email) with concern. I'm feeling much better. One day at a time.