Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm Still Stuffed

Thanksgiving came and went. Thankfully, without a hitch.

I am pleased to report that my first turkey was pretty tasty. Since it's over, I can reveal my marinade secret. On Monday night, I marinaded the big bird with Cuban mojo and chipotle (comprised of garlic, lemon, oil, garlic, chipotle), more garlic, and dry white wine. Then I rubbed turkey seasoning all over it and let it sit in the fridge till Wednesday. My mom and I cooked it for five hours, basting it frequently, and the result was a tasty, moist bird which I think everyone enjoyed. The ham was a hit too - but I had a lot of help from the store, since it seems those spiral hams just need to be heated through. :)

The entire family helped too (all 15 of them!) with mashed potatoes (from my hubby), sweet potatoes (from my hubby's nephew's wife - yes, it's a mouthful), sausage dressing/stuffing (from my ma-in-law), meat empanadas, stuffed mushrooms, and eggplant lasagna (from my aunt), chocolate cheesecake (from my sis-in-law), chocolate ice cream "pie surprise" (from my hubby), magic bars (from my faithful Indian friend, Patel), apple pie (from Mrs. Smith's), and pecan and pumpkin pies (from Sam's Club). I'm sure I'm missing something, but you all get the idea of the mass quantities of food.

A smaller group of us (12 in total) met up in Atlantic City on Black Friday to gamble away our nickels. None were as successful as my dear ole ma, who won $281 on a nickel slot machine (a slot machine called Risque Business, which featured a Fabio-looking like guy stripping - gross!) and walked away happy as a clam.

With her winnings she proceeded to buy a variety of items from the Dollar Tree on Saturday, including Christmas lights for my windows, dulce de leche Oreos (disgusting) for my dad, and milk. It's true that only at the dollar store can you purchase items which can accommodate all areas of your home.

We spent all day yesterday entertaining family and friends who braved the holiday traffic to see our new digs (finally!). I won't bore with details, but we had more food. And beer. And spiked punch.

That's what it's all about, huh? Eating and laughing and gossiping. And then more eating. Eating until you pass out. Eating until you have to be rolled out the door. Eating until you just can't eat anymore. And then what do you do? Eat some more. :)

It's the holiday season! As soon as I digest my food, I have to get to the mall.

But I might need a snack to get me energized first. I think my co-worker is selling candy on behalf of her daughter. :)


Gary said...

That really sounds like a fabulous meal. And that marinade. I think I will try it.

MileMasterSarah said...

that turkey sounds tasty!

Annie said...

Gary - I think the marinade would also taste good on chicken.

Sarah - Thank you for stopping by and commenting!