Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Welcome to 2004 (and that's being generous)"

I recently discovered that I have wireless access.

Hey - I never said I was a technology junkie. Never.

So apparently, I have a wireless card in my laptop. I didn't know. Now I am using the laptop all over the house - the bedroom, office, kitchen, living room.

Next thing I'll be doing is blogging at Starbucks and various airports.

I've probably just opened up my inner monster.

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acb said...

I like the title of this blog! Ha!
And just because you have a wireless card in your computer, doesn't mean that you have wireless in your home. You have to have a high speed connection, and a router in your home - to enable the wireless functionality they made inherent in your laptop. Which you do now. So maybe I was a little harsh with the whole "Welcome to 2004 (and that's being generous)." I'll change it to "Welcome to 2004." Period. No mention of generosity.

Hmm, but you still coulda hooked up at Starbucks.