Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Chatter During the Day

He calls me at work to tell me he's home from the grocery (nevermind the fourteen phone calls beforehand, asking me what kind of Tampax is the right one).

Him: I'm home from the grocery store.

Me: Did you get everything on the list I left for you?

Him: All of it.

Me: Are you sure? How much did you spend? Did you use all the coupons I left for you?

Him: I dunno. But I bought a chicken.

I can hear him chomping away. Immediately, I am worried that he's bought perishable items and they are sitting on the counter, growing all kinds of bacteria, as he stands there - yes, stands there - eating a supermarket chicken right out of the container.

Me: You bought a whole chicken?

Him (in his Otis voice, from Superman): It's a little bitty thing. A little bitty chicken.

Me: Okay, enjoy it.

I am clearly defeated in the training of the husband.

Then, out of the blue, he shouts out: Pollito!

Not only can I not train my husband, he makes fun of me constantly.


Freckle Face Girl said...

Oh, he's bad! :) I can't seem to train my husband either...

acb said...

I started to read this post and was like, oh no, she's mentioning menstruation products/issues again. Crap. But you totally redeemed yourself with the rest of the story. Or rather, Mike did. Pollito!

Actually, the funniest part was "It's a little bitty thing. A little bitty chicken." Just imagining that coming out of MGE's mouth is hilarious.