Wednesday, November 15, 2006


After one night of the home computer being fixed, it's on the 'outs' again. I think it's my modem. But I ain't no computer wiz, so I can't be sure. Of course, the computer being 'out' means that I can't post any pictures, check my personal email, or pay any bills. Just great. It's like there's a conspiracy against me - DON'T. LET. HER. PAY. BILLS. OR. POST. PICTURES.

The lack of internet access has allowed me to do a few things around the house, though. The first thing I did was create a shopping list for Thanksgiving. The list is pages and pages long and I suspect that we are going to have lots of leftovers, but hey, I'd rather have leftovers than not have enough food. Right? Inititially, when I offered to host Thanksgiving, I had images in my mind of baking pies and making decorations. Now, I'm convinced that if I buy a pie at the grocery store, no one will notice the difference. So I will. And decorations? Yeah, right.

The second thing I did was sit though an hour of the new William Shatner gameshow - Show Me the Money. I have one message for Shatner (or as my husband would call him, OTS, One True Shatner): I'll give you some money if you just go away! The show as a complete disaster, comprised of components from all the other gameshows on tv. Seriously, how much dancing and singing can we take from Shatner? He's not a sexy guy; he really shouldn't be singing Sexyback. No more, please, for the love of all that is holy and pure.

Lastly, and I would have done this with or without access to the internet, I watched the finals of
Dancing with the Stars. I am completely in love with Emmitt Smith. And I am sad to think that he won't win tonight. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

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Jacky said...

UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! - Pies must be made from scratch - since you have no internet playtime - you can put turkeys all over the house!!!

Shatner was funny for awhile then he started to wear thin - I watched 3 lbs. on Channel 2 (wasn't bad) but didn't want to get too involved cause "Boston Legal" shall return!!!!