Wednesday, September 20, 2006

On Being a Model - Or Maybe Not

Last night, I called my folks for my daily dose of them.

During the phone conversation, my mother asked how my weight loss was going. I told her I was down another pound this week.

To that, my father replied on the extension: Don't go crazy with the dieting, ok? If you lose that's fine. If you don't that's okay too. I don't want you to get obsessed.

I assured my dear ole dad that I wasn't obsessed and that I was eating healthy and that I felt great.

He continued: I just saw on the news that in Spain, they rejected models for being too skinny. They said the girls had that disease... what's it called again?

I replied: Anorexia?

He said: Yes! That's it. Anorexia. Don't get it, okay?

Here's the breakdown:

One month membership at Weight Watchers: $39.99
One Diet Coke to go with salad at lunch: $1.29
Dad asking me - no, begging me - not to become anorexic: Priceless


George said...

LOL - that is a crack up! You Dad sounds like he loves you a lot.

Freckle Face Girl said...


acb said...

Some of those models are bulimic too. is it ok to go that route? heh. but yes, your father is right - don't get anorexic. we all saw the tracey gold storey. and karen carpenter. you'll just look like you have a really big head, and that won't be cool, cause youknowwho also has a really big head.
speaking of heads, mine hurts.

Annie said...

George - My Dad is awesome. He's even more awesome when he's not obsessing about something.

FFG - It's great, isn't it? I bet today, he's forgotten how to say 'anorexia'.

ACB - You know my Pops. He's a lunatic. But lovable. And what a dancer! Send me the convo about youknowwho, so I can post it tomorrow for a laugh or two.