Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mid-Day Radio Rocks!

I was running an errand at lunchtime and heard a song that reminded me of my "yoof".

Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Poll

Hey, I finally created a poll for all my faithful readers to guess the sex of FeeNo.

I would love to hear your reasons behind choosing what you do. Leave comments in the comment section below or email me:


Check it out in the sidebar on the left - it appears you can comment in the poll itself, so go ahead: leave comments!

One Restful Weekend Before It Gets Crazy Again

Memorial Day is supposed to be the onset of summer here in Jersey. And every year, I wind up at a party or BBQ, driving on the Garden State Parkway, getting stuck in some kind of traffic jam.

This year, I opted out of all festivities, and stayed home. And even though it meant missing my nephew's bithday party, I'm glad I did.

After a busy May, workwise, I was happy to sit around my house with no schedule. I sat out by the pool one day and shopped another. I slept in. I read. I watched too much television. Way too much television.

But it was good. Quiet. Restful.

And tomorrow, Mike comes home from his business trip. It's been so long since I've seen him (over three weeks!), I am going to have to look at a photograph before he gets home in order to identify him. Tee hee hee.

Once he gets back, we are in full mode again. We have to go baby furniture shopping. And add stuff to the baby registry (I started one, but there are soooo many things I need. I am totally overwhelmed by the whole thing). And finalize details so we can bank FeeNo's cord blood when he's born.

And yes, I have to get to taking some pregnancy pictures. I haven't felt any motivation to do so, since I have only gained two pounds and in my opinion, don't look any different. But I must be growing, because it actually hurts to button some of my regular pants. I broke down and bought some maternity capris, ones with an elastic waist. Elastic! Ugh. And I am wearing a pair today and I don't know, I feel so free!

I realize that I am nearly halfway through this pregnancy and while a part of me thinks the next few months will take forever to get through, I know they will go by in an instant.

I'm looking forward to meeting FeeNo, my kid. My kid that doesn't like pictures.

Oh yeah, and before I forget, I have to send out some birthday shout-outs to my Dad and Ma-in-law: happy birthday to you both! You're both so young!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

17 Weeks

I just realized that I haven't written in over a week -- that's a long time for me!

I've been so busy with... I don't know... life, I guess.

But I'm here. I'm around. I'm good.

Saw FeeNo today. Things look good, people, real good! Right now, FeeNo weighs about 5 ounces and is 5.5 inches long. I got to see the legs and arms (the ultrasound tech measured all the bones!) plus the entire face. I am amazed at how technology works and how I am able to see this little... person... growing inside of me!

Oh yes, and the heart... it continues to beat strong - 149 beats today.

The allergies are nearly gone. Either that, or the Claritin has really kicked in. And the heat rash/eczema is starting to subside.

The only thing I need is for this belly of mine to grow. Right now, I am not really showing - I've only gained two pounds and that was after I lost 12 in the first trimester - but I can literally feel my waist expanding. Anything with a zipper and button is uncomfortable, but maternity clothes are way too big still. Plus, let's face it: they are hideous. Somehow, pants with an elastic waist are not "cute". They are not "fashionable" either.

Just one more thing I am going to have to figure out.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Since he's away on business, I got to feeling nostalgic. Please forgive the cheesiness.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Today is mother's day. And while I spent the day with great family and a wonderful collection of great mothers, I didn't spend it with mine, who is basking in South Florida in her retirement glory.

I spoke to my mom early this morning - she was on her way to brunch with her girlfriends. I also spoke to her this evening, where she recounted her day.

She sounded very happy. So I'm happy.

This year, Mother's Day has taken a new meaning to me. I guess it's because in a few months, I'll be a mom too. And if I want to be anything like my mom, I have a tough job ahead of me.

For 32 years, I have had the best mother I could have ever asked for. She is my greatest inspiration in life and I hope I can be the same example to FeeNo as she has been to me.

And next year, I hope our Mother's Day will be spent together - three generations of us.

To my mami: thanks for loving me unconditionally and for everything you have ever done for me. If I am half the mother you have been to me, I'll know I'm doing a good job. Feliz dia de las madres - I'll see you very soon.

*Update: I just notices that my mom LOVES prints. She doesn't wear anything solid! Oh yeah - and she loves posing while sitting on benches. That's my mom.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tales of Allergies, Rashes and Babies

Today, I am 15 weeks pregnant.

That's almost four months, people. And still so much more to go.

Over the last few weeks, my pregnancy symptoms have subsided - I haven't had nausea in weeks. No vomitting either. And the constant fatigue - it's pretty much gone. Everyone has told me that this is the time when I will feel the best. And actually, I do. I feel... normal again.

Of course, this is all relative. Just as all these pregnancy symptoms subside, I am faced with another challenge: spring has sprung! There is pollen everywhere! My allergies are under attack and it's not pretty. My sneezing was so out of control one day last week (I sneezed six times in a row!), even Mike got scared. Sleep at night was tough, since I was congested.

I finally caved in and started on Claritin. One a day and it's helping.

Then - the heat rash/eczema that has taken over my arms. Every year, I got it. And somehow, every year I am surprised by it. Itch, itch, itch. Scratch, scratch, scratch.

It's getting better too.

I had a doctor's appointment today. Again, no weight gain (yeah!). All my other ailments are in check too (double yeah!). And when the doctor called for a quick ultrasound, just to check FeeNo's heartbeat, the kid did it again - turned its back on me. Maybe it's the rash on my arms that disgust FeeNo. Or maybe my sneezing is keeping him up at night. I don't know.

I did, however, receive one of the most touching cards this week. Disguised as FeeNo, my mother sent me a mother's day card. In it, she wrote how much FeeNo loved me and couldn't wait to meet me. I must have cried for nearly an hour after reading it. I hope my mother is right about FeeNo cause if you let these ultrasounds tell the story, it would certainly be different.

Friday, May 04, 2007

And they say romance is dead?

Last night, I was watching Grey's Anatomy when Mike came in the living room. I presumed he was in there to make fun of me.

He was, of course.

The taunting began: Oh, look at McDreamy. He's so handsome!

I glared at him.

Then it got better: I compare to those guys on that show, you know. Just call me... McSweaty.

Ahhhhh, my romantic husband.