Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Making Lists

I know that everyone does it: those lists.

I keep a list for everything. I have a work list. A grocery list. A wish list. A 'to do' list. I even have a packing list.

The packing list. There's a reason behind this, seriously.

Anyone that knows me understands that I do not like messes. I hate piles of stuff on my counter tops and on the bed and dressers. I have to put the laundry away. I have to put *all* the groceries away. Basically, if there isn't a spot for it in my house, I don't want it.

Simple enough, right?

Nah, it could never be that easy.

Mike is the complete opposite. He can leave a stack of clothes on top of his dresser for weeks without it bothering him. He will take a shirt one day, a shirt another day, and before you know it, his stack is gone and he hasn't opened a dresser drawer in a week or two. On the other hand, if I see that, my skin automatically starts to itch and I *must* put the stuff away.

When it comes to packing, Mike will throw stuff in a corner or on top of an extra bed and then pack it in a bag the night before we are due to leave. I can't do that. It's is physically impossible for me to do that.

So I make a packing list. It looks something like this:
  • three bathing suits
  • four pairs of socks
  • five pairs of shorts
  • five t-shirts
  • two button down shirts
  • two pairs of capris
  • two pairs of flip flops
  • purple sneakers
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • deodorant
  • toothpaste
  • camera
  • camera charger
  • extra memory card for camera
  • aspirin/tylenol/motrin

and so on.

This method has worked for me for years. I've never forgotten anything. Except batteries once. :)

So, today, I start my list for Hawaii.

But first I have to check off stuff from my work list. Tee hee hee.

Yes, I'm sick I tell ya. But don't you (my three faithful readers) have a quirk that identifies you?


Freckle Face Girl said...

I have lists all over my desk. The problem with me is that I lose them right before I need them. It even happens at the grocery store. I have it in the parking lot, but it disappears before I get into the store. My husband always asks me why I even bother. :)

acb said...

My work lists are the most pathetic. I have several things on there that need to be done, but a few weeks go by and i just start a new list with more stuff that goes undone eventually. Great, huh?

Jacky said...

You should always have a "toiletries" bag stocked, packed and ready to go. It sure cuts down on last minute $$$ store shopping! Jacky