Friday, September 08, 2006

On Being Cuban...

My cousin sent this to me today. It’s certainly a comical way to end an otherwise stressful week.


I grew up in a household…

  • where coffee, milk and sugar were part of a balanced breakfast.
  • where my ADD and ADHA were treated with en cuanto te coja te voy a partir la cabeza instead of Ritalin.
  • where all it took was just *ONE* look.
  • where we loved white rice and fried eggs.
  • where lentil soup was considered comida de presos.
  • where Spanish was my primary language.
  • where Spanish was my *only* language.
  • where I had to go to school open house to translate for my parents.
  • where music or TV were never played on Good Friday.
  • where we ate bacalao on Good Friday because all other fish were too expensive.
  • where we at lechon at Noche Buena, New Year's Eve, birthday parties, and every other social function.
  • where malanga and manzanilla were the remedies to end all remedies.
  • where I was not allowed to sleep over at anybody's house, but they could all come over to our house.
  • where the carpool was el ride, the lunchman was el carrito, and the lunchbox was la lonchera.
  • where la carne came from la carniceria.
  • where meat and potatoes was literally carne con papas. And it was served over rice.
  • where oxtail stew had the colorful name of rabo encendido or translated - fiery tail.
  • where people were either blanco, negro, indio o chino.
  • where los perros was te dog track, las maquinitas were slot machines, and el juego was anything related to gambling.

I grew up in a household run by Cubans.

I survived in a household run by Cubans.

Happy Friday to all, and especially to my mom and all the other Caridades - Feliz dia de la Caridad!


Freckle Face Girl said...

I copied your list into an e-mail for a few people in the office & it was a HUGE hit! :)

Gary said...

Me gusta la comida Cubana. There is a Cuban restaurant here in Houston that I really love. I have tried and enjoyed several Cuban specialties there. I especially like the Ropa Vieja.(I hope I spelled that right)

acb said...

I think my parents found the perfect city to live in while I was growing up. Ninety percent of that list applies to my household, too!

Amy said...

I love this! This reminds me so much of my Cuban girlfriends.

Annie said...

Freckle Face Girl - No problem. I'm glad people are enjoying it.

Gary - No worries, you didn't misspell anything. And I'm glad you enjoy the cuisine. With out recent move, we have left the Cuban neighborhoods, and thus, the majority of Cuban restaurants. I am looking forward to a visit from my parents this Thanksgiving which should include Ropa Vieja, Empanadas, and Carne Asada!

ACB - You know you're an honorary Cuban. You got no worries about getting into an anti-Commie heaven.

Amy - You, too, are an honorary Cuban!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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