Monday, December 11, 2006

One of Santa's Elves Threw Up in My House

Mike and I spent the entire weekend getting ready for Christmas. I told him, the King of Procrastination, if the tree didn't go up this weekend, not to bother putting it up.

So yesterday, up it went. A million lights and about a thousand red ornament balls later , the tree stands. It's quite lovely.

Then, I hung the stocking by the couch with care (sorry, we have no chimney). And added more lights to the railing that overlooks to my living room.

I set up the Nativity scene, which according to my mother (via telephone) is the most important thing of all. At first, Mike tried to set it up, but he couldn't get Joseph to look at the Baby Jesus just right, so I had to take over. He had the nerve to call me a temperamental artist. What nerve!

I even set up an old Nativity set from my single days in the kitchen. And more lights.

I have so many lights and not even places to put them!

All that and I'm still not in the spirit.

I think I need to rewatch A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Oh yes, and it appears I may have to join Mike on a trip to Buffalo this weekend, but that's another post. For now, I'll just say:

I do not want to go to Buffalo.

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Jacky said...

The baby Jesus isn't suppose to be put in the manager till christmas day (HIS BIRTHDAY!!!)

You can tell your husband NO you don't want to go to Buffalo.