Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Take a pick...

Take a pick from the following and tell us why:

1. Would you rather be a musician or an actor?

While I really love music, I'm not much of a singer, so to spare the world from my terrible singing voice, I'll go with actor. That way, I can be in a comedy and sing for laughs.

2. Would you rather have a son or a daughter?

At this point, I would just like a child. It really doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl, but if I do have a girl, I am putting her in one of those elastic headbands everytime she visits her Aunt Jacky.

3. Pub or a club for you?

Definitely pub, and hopefully they have Heineken Light. I tasted it this weekend and really liked it. I'm getting old and don't like clubs anymore.

4. Country or city life?

City life, for sure. There's something about the accesibility of a city that appeals to me. If I need quiet, I can always decorate my bedroom to be a quiet haven.

5. Would you rather die in a road accident or be murdered?

I would rather die in a road accident where I don't feel anything. I would also like to be singing along to my favorite songs. It would be a plus if I don't even know it's going to happen. There's something about being murdered that reminds me too much of
The Sopranos.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You'll squeeze her brains out with that thing on her head. Tell you what - you wear an elastic band around your head for the day and tell me how you feel!!!!!
Aunt Jacky