Friday, April 07, 2006

One More Post

I know I posted a few hours ago, but I just got this in my inbox and frankly, it's too good not to post - for your entertainment, today's wardrobe pick:

Well, it's casual Friday and boy, are we casual! Note that it is 45 degrees outside. We're wearing summer weight khaki cargo pants with zippers all over, topped with a regular white t-shirt (if she owns this, why all the wife beaters? It doesn't look new...) This is topped by the son's discarded Army-green cotton zip up sweater, unzipped. Best part of the outfit is the 3-inch wedge beige flip flops. Not only are they against dress code, but FLIP FLOPS in 45 degree weather? Of course, the outfit is completed by the home-made blue scrunchy...

I had a message yesterday regarding the crazy bad dresser ex-coworker.
Amy wanted to know more about her - was she fat, skinny, ugly, etc. Basically, the crazy bad dresser ex-coworker is thin, but if you ask her, she'll tell you she is overweight. She truly doesn't have any fat on her. When she started working with me, she used to eat only yogurt. Yogurt for lunch everyday. And two Diet Sprites. Then she moved into tuna fish from a bag and cheese. When I left the job, she was on Campbell's Split Pea Soup. One can a day. Sometimes mixed with water and microwaved; other times just right out of the can. She's also very tall. Blond hair (dyed - I think she's a redhead), usually straightened with an iron and very very fair. Some days, she wears lots and lots of makeup (Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, etc - never Revlon of Covergirl). Other days, nothing on her face. She likes to think she looks like Heather Locklear, but I think she looks more like Lynn Redgrave. I hope this description, paired with the outfits, gives everyone a clearer picture of her.

**UPDATE: Details about the scrunchie - It is made of irregularly shaped (vaguely triangle) pieces of gauze (edges unfinished) in electric blue and a lighter blue, with irregularly placed small beads and sequins on the pieces of material. It looks like an '80s craft project.
Also, the white t-shirt that I thought was better than a wife beater -- well, she took the sweater off and it says "Everlast" in big letters. Sigh.**


Amy said...

Thanks, Annie! I am so intrigued. Tell me more about the homedmade scrunchy.

acb said...

That is a suh-weet scrunchy.