Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Chinese Die?

This morning, as I was driving down the good ole NJ Turnpike, I spotted a hearse in the right hand lane. My first instinct was to slow down and cross myself. Then I started to wonder: can I pass the hearse? Where is the rest of the procession? I realized that this wasn't a procession, but someone driving a hearse to a destination. As I got closer, I saw the New York tags. I continued to pass and saw Chinese letters on the window. When I finally got to the driver side window I saw a Chinese man driving the hearse. I immediately had a blond moment -

The Chinese die?

There is something seriously wrong with me this week.


Gary said...

That's cute. There are over a billion Chinese in this world. So I'm sure that lots are dying every day.

It looks you are a new blogger. Welcome to blogland. I think you are doing very well so far. I like raading memes and also love funny posts like this one. Keep up the good work. :)

Annie said...

Gary - welcome to my site! I'm glad you decided to leave a comment. Sometimes I feel like no one is reading this!

Anonymous said...

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