Friday, April 14, 2006


Last night, I met with some old co-worker friends for drinks. We got to talking about the bad dresser crazy co-worker, as our gatherings usually do. Just for fun, I thought I would post an old email she sent me:

I have a running list for the busses going to the Charity Ball. We have two busses from Franklin Lakes and one bus from Paterson.
Please fell free to pass all calls for the buss to me, and when the busses are full I will let you know.

Thank you so much,

This email is wrong on so many levels. First, we aren't "friends." Second, who doesn't know how to spell "bus"? Third, don't wish me peace. I have enough peace in my life without her phony retarded self wishing it to me.

1 comment:

acb said...

Yo - she's obviously on the shortbus. Awww so sad.

anyway, how do you know she doesn't read your blog?

and btw, we can't comment on MGE's blog unless we're on blogspot. and i'm not. so that just sucks, don't it?