Monday, April 03, 2006

Outfit of the Day

This, from one of my "sources" -

So it's a pink jacket. bright. It looks like fleece, but perhaps it's a wool blend of some sort. And it has 7 zippers. two on each sleeve cuff, around 5 inches long. One up the middle for closure of course. Then two on each side of the front (two vertical zippers and two diagonal zippers), prominently displaying the layout of likely vestigial pockets. We're talking large, long, wide, ugly zippers, with big black pulls. Plus each front panel has a small pocket flap by the hip, assumedly vestigial as well, as one could imagine one would see on military garb or a hunting jacket. Lastly, it has large back vents on either side, like an exaggeration of a man's dress shirt. The skirt is black, and falls a few inches about the ankle. It's slim fitting. Black tights or trouser socks. black mules in the rain. 3 inch heel. Came in with unkempt wet hair from it's weekly shampoo, and she claimed to use Pantene products.

Where can I find a wardrobe like this??

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Hubby said...

Funny stuff.