Thursday, April 20, 2006

"The outfit is actually nauseating today"

Yes, that the way my friend - "the source" - puts it. Although this is yesterday's outfit, it's still good. Read on...

The outfit is actually nauseating today. She's wearing khaki stretch pants that are so skin tight, as a co-worker put it, "I can see what she ate for dinner last night." You know when pants buckle in bands because they are so tight? That's what we're seeing. They come to a narrow finish right above the ankle, and the pants are "finished" by a metallic beaded stripe running down each side the full length of the pant. These lovely pants are topped by a 1980's-era beige houndstooth jacket, double breasted and falling right below the butt. I wish she'd button it so we wouldn't see the camel toe. For shoes, we've got beige high heeled strappy sandals (we're not allowed to wear open toed shoes in the workplace, but I guess with sandals, you don't need trouser socks). Under the jacket, a white t-shirt (I suspect the Everlast logo is lurking under there). And of course, topped by the blue scrunchy.

With each passing day of hearing what the crazy bad dresser ex-coworker is wearing, I am grateful that I now work in an office where most people wear suits everyday. Yes, it's a little boring, but at least I don't have to look at camel toes.

This morning, on the half mile walk from my car to my office, I noticed something: the trees have leaves on them! It's like it happened overnight! Yippee!! Allergy season has arrived!

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Amy said...

Now, I"m nauseous.