Monday, February 20, 2006

Week in Review III, Part 2

I'm back. Still with a cold, but awake and dressed. Weekend was alright - spent it trying to rest up for today.

I promised the week in couture this morning, so here it is:

Monday - charcoal button down silk shirt, black skin tight pants (I think they are the camel toe ones), and black platform high heels.

Tuesday - it was Valentine's Day, so that called for something very very special: the return of the boucle suit! It was same outfit as two weeks ago, except it was made complete with the rd and green Christmas scrunchie. Very classy outfit. Very.

Wednesday - dark taupe pants, black shirt, olive zipper sweater over it, black loafers, and black CREW socks to complete the look.

Thursday - grey button down shirt, grey pants, black loafers, and red socks with hearts, anchors, and guitars printed on them. The look was completed with Baby Jane lipstick. Again, very classy.

Friday - I was out sick, but sources tell me it was the usual Casual Friday outfit: khaki corduroy shirt with snap buttons, khaki plants, black loafers, and white crew socks.

Yes, it was a little bit of a boring week, but hopefully this week will be the best of all!


acb said...

Poor baby! I hope you feel better soon. Must have been all that gyratin' at the TJ concert that got you down. Rest up even more. Smoochies.

Amy said...

Do you really have a Christmas scrunchie?

Annie said...

Oh no, please. I got rid of all of my scrunchies years ago - I am a big fan of hair clips now. They are much much cooler than scrunchies. My crazy co-worker wears the Christmas scrunchie. As a matter of fact, she's wearing it today. She's a walking faux pas!