Thursday, February 09, 2006

Oprah on XM

When I initially heard the news of Oprah signing a deal with XM, I was pretty pleased. Not pleased as punch. but pleased enough. Oprah is pretty cool. She wears awesome shoes. She gets to meet fantastic people. She let that freak jump on her couch. She played a cool role in The Color Purple. The only issue I have with Oprah is when she gives away all those cool gifts during her "Favorite Things" show. It drives me nuts that so many upper middle-class women get that stuff, when it's the hard working class girls (i.e. me!) that would LOVE those gifts and can't get them, because 1) we are working when Oprah is filming and 2) the money we make can't be spent on those things cause we have to pay our mortgages.

Anyway... I digress. Yes, I am pleased about the Oprah-XM connection, but does she really have to give a spot to Rachael Ray for a talk show? That girl is going to spend an hour saying, "YUM-O!" and talking about how her meals are so fantastic ("Hi, I'm Rachael Ray and I make thrity minute meals. Now, that means that in the time it takes to watch this show, I'll have made a quick and healthy meal from start to finish."). I don't really hate Rachael, but she does get on my nerves from time to time. It's almost like she's too peppy sometimes.

Good going, Oprah. Dr. Phil is cool. Nate the designer is cool too. Even your friend, Gayle King, is alright. But Rachael Ray? Gimme a break!

For more information on the Oprah-XM connection, click here.

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