Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wednesday: More About Annie

It's Wednesday, so that means it's time to post information about me. I realize that the readers of this blog (how many people read this? two or three people?) know all about me, and doing this might be in vain, but hey - someday I might be famous and people will dig up old archives of this blog. Enjoy this week's installment of "Getting to Know Annie"!

A- Annie, Anita, Ani, Anna, Annie Mary, Anna Maria: duh, they're all me.
B- Boobs: yes, I have them. They’re mine, they’re real and they're often looked at and admired.
C- Clothes: I have a closet full of them, and I’m always on the hunt for more – especially if they are on sale!
D- Dad’s name: Wilfredo. It used to be Maximo Wilfredo, but no one told him and when he filed his papers to leave Cuba in the 60s, he found out he had this crazy first name. So he kept it (rather than go through the process of changing it and get stuck with Commies any longer) and came to the good ‘ole USA. When he became an American citizen, he dropped it and now goes by Wilfredo. No middle name.
E- Espanol: my first language. For the first five years of my life, I only spoke Spanish. But if you have been reading my blog, you will know that I sang in English!
F- Favorite song:
Copacabana by Barry Manilow
G- Gold or silver: Gold. Specifically, white gold. Are you reading this,
H- Heaven – does it exist?: Yes, and I think our most cherished and loved people live there and watch over us everyday.
I- Indians: some of my best friends are Indians. Not the American-Indian kind, but the ones from the country in Asia.
J- Job title: Director of Annual Giving, soon to be Director of Development.
K- K-Mart: I think it sucks. Hate the store, actually. I prefer
L- Love - do you believe in it?: Absolutely. And it can cause the most intense feelings of euphoria, confusion, and sadness.
M- Mom’s Birthplace: Niquero, Cuba. It’s in the same province where that
Commie hid out in the mountains before coming down and starting the so-called Cuban Revolution. It's a very small town that still has dirt roads. It also houses a sugar mill and the last time I visited, they were milling sugarcane and it was "snowing" black ash.
N- Neighbors: they are this Egyptian couple with a little girl. A little strange, but very nice.
O- Orange soda: LOVE it, especially
Diet Sunkist.
P- Phobia: not being able to move my arms. This is not to be confused with claustrophobia, which I do not have.
Q- Queen: I am not. My mother-in-law is the Queen. I am a Queen-in-Making, so for now, just call me Dutchess or Princess.
R- Religion: Roman Catholic, by birth. I’m more spiritual than religious, though.
S- Siblings: one sister. Two sisters and one brother by marriage. Three sisters by friendship.
T- Text messaging: a cool idea, but at a nickel a pop, it can really add up. I stay away from it.
U- Upstairs: I live on the third floor of a condominium with no elevator. Grocery shopping is the pits when you have to lug up containers of juice and laundry detergent.
V- Vanilla: I like it. But if it's in a pudding, I prefer chocolate or rice. Yummmmm, rice pudding!
W- Watermelon: In Hawaii, I had yellow watermelon. I thought it would taste different than the red kind, but alas, it tasted exactly the same.
X- X-Rays: only of my teeth. Funny, I've never broken a bone or had any other reason to get an x-ray.
Y- Yahoo: I have a
Yahoo account, but I am fond of Gmail now. So much more memory!
Z - Zamboni: Whenever I go to a hockey game, I love when the
zamboni comes out and resurfaces the ice. It's so methodical the way the machine goes from one end of the rink to the other and then circles it.


Amy said...

Ohmigod! Copacabana is my favorite song, too. I even made my ex memorize the lyrics. That might be why he's my ex.

acb said...

i look like such a fatass in that picture! and what's the deal with the number two on my chest? God, I must have been WASTED.