Friday, February 10, 2006

Week in Review II

This morning I drove to work in our "other" car. Ok, it's originally my car, by a year and a half ago, MGE's car blew up and he had to buy another car. Since we got married, I've been driving his car and I guess you would say I've gotten to used to it. Anyhow, this morning, I took my old car. And in it, I found my old ABBA cd. You know the one, everyone has it, the ABBA greatest hits - ABBA Gold. When I was five, I *was* a Dancing Queen. So what if my English was limited and I had no idea what they were saying? As far as I know, those ABBA girls didn't speak English either!

It's been a long week, a cold one even, and we are expecting snow for the weekend. But before we can go home and wait for it to start to fall, we must review the week's outfits (I must tell y'all, it was a very tame week - kinda disappointing!):

Monday - grey pants, grey striped button down long sleeve shirt, grey Abercrombie sweater on top of shirt (it belongs to her son), and black loafers. Monday's look was completed with the 1972 knitted sweater. Did I mention last week that it resembles an afghan?

Tuesday - cream sweater with embroidered flowers, a white wife beater t-shirt underneath it, yellow deep pleated lined linen pants (in February?) that were too short and had a very high waistband, black socks, and black slingback high heeled shoes. Oh yeah, the pants were tapered at the bottom.

Wednesday - blue-grey (or maybe it was grey-blue) shiny top, an olive green zippered sweater on top of it, the infamous pair of skintight black pants (complete with camel toe), and black high heels.

Thursday - we had a meeting, so it was suit day. The outfit consisted of a grey suit - grey jacket matched with a pleated grey skirt. It was a very long skirt. Mother Moses would have been proud. Or maybe the Pilgrims. All this matched with black high heels.

Friday - Casual Friday! Khaki corduroy shirt with snap buttons, khaki pants, black loafers, and CREW SOCKS! Scary, eh?


Anonymous said...

The Abba cd isnt mine!

acb said...

omg! i was the dancing queen TOO!

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