Friday, February 03, 2006

Week in Review I

I've got a slightly looney colleague (who shall remain nameless - I will come up with a name soon, I promise) who wears the most outlandish outfits to work. Once married to an outrageously wealthy spouse, she bought herself a huge wardrobe that was the hottest of couture in 1982. Unfortunately, they are no longer together and with him, he took the dollars that bought her couture.

A new feature in my blog - a week in review of outfits:

Monday - a sleeveless purple turtleneck with a black pencil skirt. Now, this isn't terrible, but it was coupled with a knitted or crocheted sweater from 1972. The sweater is golden with hints of bright pink, orange and brown.

Tuesday - a 1982 boucle suit (more bright pink!). The skirt was so short, it might have been better to not even wear it. It also had huge gold buttons along the front of it. The outfit was made complete with white stockings and red mules (mules in January? We live in a state where it gets cold in January!)

Wednesday - an evening tank top with matching cardigan (gold in color) and a textured shiny brownish snakeskin leather mini skirt with matching platform high heeled shoes (textured leather on the heel too).

Thursday - a black evening t-shirt (when she put up her arms, the shirt was raised right below her breasts) and a pair of skin tight black pants, resembling those Olivia Newton-John wore at the end of Grease. The best part of this outfit was the visible camel toe it presented (for those of you who don't know what a camel toe is, email me).

Friday - it's Casual Friday, so today's outfit is much more dressed down. Today, we are wearing a red sleeveless shirt (again, it's February for God's sake!) but instead of it being a turtleneck, it has a boa attached to it. This is matched with khaki pants and the same red mules from Tuesday. The outfit also consists of a Christmas scrunchie that's red and green. It is completed with lipstick that makes her look like Lynn Redgrave in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? It's a little bit disturbing.

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