Monday, February 27, 2006

Unemployed, Day 1

So, I made it through my first day of unemployment. For those of you who don't know me, I am unemployed by choice - and only for the next two weeks. So, really, I'm not unemployed, I just like to make small things a little bigger, just for the sake of the story.

What did I do on my first day off? Hmmm, well, it started with me waking up at seven this morning! No alarm, nothing like that. Just my body waking up for work, I guess. While I didn't get back to sleep, I did manage to lounge around and watch the Today Show with Katie and Matt. Before I knew it, though, it was time to meet my aunt for lunch and a movie (we originally said we were going to see Brokeback Mountain, but it wasn't playing, so we saw Big Momma's House instead. Oh well, what can you do?). Then a trip to Target and back home. So that was my day. Not too exciting. The hubby, our friend MVP/Kama Sutra, and I just watched Wedding Crashers, which was alright, but more a guy's movie than anything else. Although, that Vince Vaughn has something about him. I can't quite pinpoint it, but he's cute in an odd way.

I know I'm going to go back and read this later and think I am crazy, but I actually missed being at work today. Being off today didn't feel like when I am sick and home and can't get out of bed. It was so permanent. It was strange. Besides crazy bad dresser co-worker, I really liked my office and the folks in it. I'm sure the missing them will wear off in a few days, but right now, almost wish I had to go to work tomorrow. Weird. WEIRD.


Amy said...

I'm really missing your crazy, bad dressed co-worker. Are you sure you can't stay at your old job? Not even for me?

Seriously, enjoy your time off. I'm so envious.

Anonymous said...

You must relax and be happy for your wonderful husband. Enjoy your time off for now.