Thursday, February 09, 2006

From Her Royally Pregnant Matron of Honor...

I got married last year (has it been that long already?), which is great, because everyone thought I was going to wind up an old bag lady with thirteen cats and all the back issues of Reader's Digest. During the reception, my best friend, who was five months pregnant at the time (see sidebar - Little Owen Ajay) gave this speech. Everytime I watch it on the video, I get all choked up (no, I'm not a dork. Ok, well yes, I guess I am).

I've known Anna for a very long time
And at the ripe age of 30, don't we both look sublime?
Our days as
Florida Gators were very quaint.
If you asked anyone, they'd say she was a saint.
OK, I'm kidding, she was wild and crazy
To tell the truth, some of our memories remain quite hazy.
Those times were the best, and couldn't be beat,
Except maybe by barbeque at
Sonny's all you can eat.

When we left
Gainesville, we both stayed in state.
But I could tell she wanted to start a clean slate.
She moved to
Jersey and we were sad to see her go,
But I knew then, that she needed that to grow.

She knew a lot of frogs, but none so prince like
Until she met this sweaty apeman, an Irish named Mike.
I got to know him, and he wasn't half bad.
They made each other happy, and that made my heart glad.

And now a few years later, they've gone and been wed,
And we're sitting at their reception, waiting to be fed.
So I'll end this poem now and lift my glass to you both like no other
My sister, best friend, and now my new brother.

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acb said...

DAMN, that is a good speech! :)

:) I just got teary eyed reading it. I meant it all, babe. Except now maybe the part about the new brother since he makes fun of me for it!!!!!!