Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Brush With Greatness

Last night, MGE and I went into NYC to see Sir Tom Jones at the Nokia Theater in Times Square. It was a belated Christmas gift and also our Valentine's night out. I got off work a little early, we had an early dinner at Ollie's, walked around a little, and finally, went to check out this new theater.

Here we are, before the concert. Prior to taking this shot, we ran into an old co-worker of mine. Weird how that happens sometimes, right? I mean, at a Tom Jones concert?

Sir Tom took the stage and the girls went wild! I've seen Tom a few times before, and the crowd is always very responsive to him. But the NYC crowd was amazing. There was a group of girls wearing pussycat ears. There was a woman standing on her chair, stripping. One woman called out that she wanted to wipe the sweat off of him.

After his "What's New Pusscat?" number, the crowd went even crazier. There were many pairs of panties on the stage, not to mention boxer shorts and bras as well. The woman in the photo above was so excited to see Tom that she didn't notice her belly was hanging right out of the top of her pants. While she was disturbing those around us with her skin, she didn't seen to notice - she was way too busy enjoying the smooth velvety voice of Tom Jones.

Now, wouldn't you believe it? Dancing in front of us was the one and only - Rachael Ray. Since I am posting a picture of she and I, does that mean I have to eat my words regarding my previous posts about her? I don't think so! Look, she was very nice last night. She posed for pictures, shook hands, mentioned that she thought Tom was HOT HOT HOT (apparently, as per my hubby, I agreed with her), and called me Anna Banana. I was so flabbergasted that she was so nice, I forgot to scold her for taking racy pictures for FHM a few years back, ask her to stop saying YUM so much, and mention her new show on XM Radio. Oh well, maybe next time I rub shoulders with her I'll mention it. I'm sure to find her at the next Tom Jones concert!

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