Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Today's Outfit

I just received this from my "source." Can I say one thing about the crazy bad dresser ex-co-worker? She's an absolute retard.

A polyestery-looking double-breasted jacket in a very fine black and white print; v-neck with no shirt underneath. Paired with a shiny shantung light silver pencil skirt. Under this, very heavy black tights with black suede sling back shoes with at least a 5-inch heel. The shoes are off right now while she meets with the boss because her feet her. And the dreaded blue scrunchy is back! Why 60 degrees, tights and suede; 20 degrees, linen?


Amy said...

I want to take a tour of her closet. I saw a very "creative" ensemble yesterday, and thought of your crazy co-worker. I am very grateful for your "source."

Annie said...

Amy - Apparently, her closet is in her basement. Yes, that's right. She used to tell me this all the time - "When I had my second story built, my master bedroom suite was supposed to have closets, but since I got divorced and we never finished the second story, I didn't have the closets made. So, my closet is in the basement, next to the washing machine." I swear, she used to tell this story ALL THE TIME. She also told a story about how she couldn't get any furniture up to her bedroom, except for this pink bedroom set that she bought at a garage sale.