Thursday, March 23, 2006


I don't have a big problem with commuting. I don't really mind it as long as I'm not stuck in traffic for a long time. My new commute is 45 minutes, which isn't bad, since I am driving against traffic both in the morning and at night. I don't normally pay attention to the people that are in my surroundings as I drive, but this morning, I saw a woman in her car. She was dressed in a suit and her face was all made up. Her hair, long and straight, was nicely combed and neat. However, she was wearing one single curler on her bangs. It was one of those hollow, big plastic curlers. It reminded me of the ones my mother wears. Anyway, I was kind of horrified at seeing her - I mean, she didn't even have tinted windows or anything. When the light changed to green, she took off, leaving me to see her Pennsylvania tags. I wonder what part of Pennsylvania she was from.


Amy said...

She was from Philly for sure. Philly is the ass end of Jersey. I'm from Utah, so I should know.

acb said...

^ huh huh mmm huh she said "ass."