Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Yes, I know, I've been bad. I haven't posted in days and even worse, I haven't posted my Vegas stories or pictures. I will try! I promise. They are supposed to come and fix my high speed this weekend, and then I'll sit down, upload the pics from my camera and write my stuff.

On other fronts, I started the job yesterday. It's good, but so overwhelming. I spent over 12 hours in the office yesterday and I still didn't make a dent in all the stuff I have to go through. I'm back this morning, less than 12 hours later. So, yes, I broke the 12 hour rule. That's really terrible. I hope I don't make it a habit.

The weather up here is ridiculous. Last Friday, it was nearly 70 degrees. The weekend was great too. Yesterday, it was in the 60s. This morning, it's in the upper 50s and it's expected to go into the 30s by lunchtime. What's that all about?

Anyway, back to work. Readers, please wish me good thoughts on this new job. I hope I don't collapse from exhaustion this early in the game.


Amy said...

Good luck on the new job. I really do miss the updates on the attire of your former co-worker.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your new job. You'll "WOW" them over. Just don't make those 12 hour days a habit - you have a wonderful husband waiting at home for you!!! Jacky

acb said...

I hope things are going better and this first week ended on a good note!

love ya, sis.