Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I woke up this morning feeling really serene and calm. But in the time between leaving my house and arriving at work, I have developed some issues. Here goes:

  • Red Nail Polish - why is it that it chips so quickly? I *just* polished my nails on Sunday with a beautiful red color - Honeymoon Red - and the claim by Sally Hansen is that it's a NO CHIP POLISH. What's up with the chipping them? Does no chip mean that I'm not supposed to do dishes or wash my hair? Because if that's the case, I'll polish and not wash my hair. Then I'll be all funky and no one will want to speak to me. Normally, I go for a pale pink color, but I wanted to welcome the week in a bold fashion. I don't know how glamourous people do it. Oh yeah, they have personal manicurists that polish their nails daily if need be.
  • Scarlett Johanson - yeah, she's pretty, but why does FHM have to name her the most beautiful woman alive? Pu-lease... I saw In Good Company (it was a long flight and I have nothing better to do), and she's extremely manly in the movie. What gives? Aren't there better looking women on this planet?
  • Hot Dogs - as I walking to my office building this morning, I caught the smell of today's lunch. I'm not a big hot dog fan - yes, I'll have one at a baaseball game or at a picnic - but not everyday. Anyway, the smell drifted in my path and now all I can think about is eating a hot dog. Ugh.
  • Sun Glare - basically, it stinks. I'm all for a sunny spring and warm weather, but when I can't see the car in front of me due to sun glare - even though I put the sun visor down and am wearing sunglasses - there's a problem. Plus, what's with the sun glare and the lack of leaves on the trees? I mean, not even a little leaf. Nothing. I need spring and I need it now!

On the bright side, I got my XM Radio up and running in the new office. First songs - Babe by Styx, followed by Emotion by Samantha Sang (with back up by the loveable Bee Gees). OMG - now it's Jack Wagner singing All I Need. Ok, well, yeah, maybe I'm a little bit of a geek. I just love all these cheesey love songs. Love them!

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acb said...

Scarlett - "She's a man, baby!!!"