Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday - Finally!

Oh Friday, I've waited all week for you. I can't wait until tomorrow, when I can sleep in and take naps all day long. :)

Here's a treat - an ex-co-worker of mine sent me yesterday's clothing update. The outfit sounds priceless!

We have a baggy pair of linen pants, tapered at the ankle with one hem unraveled at the back. The pants' color are what crayola calls "burnt siena." These are topped with the ubiquitous wife-beater "shell" in off-white; and topping this, a men's cotton pullover sweater with zippered "v" (cast off by her son as too ratty to wear anymore) in a light olive green. Poking out from the cropped pant is a primarily gray with an off-white pinstripe sock (tying in the wife-beater, I guess), and a high-heeled tan alligator skin pump (nice with the socks!) The hair is pulled back with a lime green coated Goody rubber band. No makeup or jewelry today. The brown-green-grey-tan combo suggests color blindness, or perhaps, the Jolly Green Giant or Robin Hood.

I think I should wear my pajamas to work one day. I mean, that couldn't be worse than crazy bad dresser ex-co-worker, could it?

This morning, I stopped at the cafeteria at work for a bagel. I wound up making a sandwich with canadian bacon (yes, I know it's Lent and I shouldn't eat me on Fridays, but I'll explain it to God later). When I went to pay for it, there was no cashier to be seen. So I wrapped it up in a napkin and brought it back to my office. Is it stealing? Should I go back on Monday and try to pay for it?

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Amy said...

Why did you leave your last job? Your co-worker is out of this world. Thanks for the update and a huge Monday morning laugh.

My cafeteria workers often disappear for long periods of time. If I have change then I'll leave the money by the register. If not, then I try to remember to pay next time. Usually I forget.