Tuesday, March 28, 2006


These are pictures of my mom and I at the same stage in our lives. We are both 31, just married, and posing for our husbands. For my mom, it's a time in her life when it was just about her and my dad. She is young, with no worries; the hardships of life and children are years ahead of her. Of all the photos that I have of my mother, this is by far, my favorite. There's something about it - something about her, that makes me want to be just like her. In my picture, I too, am young, no worries, the hardships of my life are years ahead of me (although being the drama queen that I am, I could argue that the hardships of my life are right now), and right now, it's just the hubby and me - no kids. While there are many pictures of me that I like, this is also among my favorites. There's a certain youthfulness in my smile. Perhaps for both my mom and I, it's our husbands that make us smile that way.

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Anonymous said...

Of course it's your husband who makes you smile like that!!!!!
Also, when Theodore Roosevelt arrives, you'll be smiling more!!!