Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Ok, it's Wednesday, so I am posting a little bit about me...

Would you rather be:

01) Someone who would prefer to shop at a flea market or someone who would prefer to shop at garage sales? Hmmm, I think I would prefer to shop at a flea market. At least at the flea market, the items haven't been necessarily used.
02) A person who will swear in front of the opposite sex or a person who will always try to refrain from swearing in front of the opposite sex? As a proper young lady, I shouldn't swear at all, but in front my hubby, I find it is easy to be open and free.
03) A quiet giggler if you can contain it or an out loud laugher because you don't want to contain it? An out loud laugher, for sure. That's what I'm all about.
04) Chips with spices on them from the factory or plain chips with a yummy dip? Chips with spices on them. Like Old Bay seasoning chips - who makes those again?
05) A fan of older martial arts films or a fan of newer martial arts films? Neither. I don't really like movies with martial arts.
06) An agent of change or an agent of calm? Well, I would be an agent of change in a boring situation and an agent of calm in a crazy one!
07) One who gets their hair cut at regular, predictable intervals or one who gets their hair cut when they or someone else finally notices that it's too long? Predictable intervals. I hate split ends!
08) Wishing you could see the ruins of ancient Greece or wishing you could see the Great Pyramid of Egypt? Since I've already seen the ruins in Greece, I'll go with Egypt.

I have to send a shout out to those nice folks who have been calling me, emailing me, and posting comments on my blog encouraging me to trek forward with this new job. THANKS!! Even my dad called and told me to hang in there, cause the first week of a new job is always stressful. He even asked if I needed any money while I waited for my first paycheck. Very cute, I thought, but hasn't he realized that I'm not in college anymore and I don't live paycheck to paycheck? Once a dad, always a dad, I guess!

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