Monday, November 10, 2008

These Things Really Happen in my House

The other night, after Mike ran out to buy a humidifier, we set to the task of getting it to work.  Yeah, yeah, it's easy.  But I always get a little freaked out when it comes to water and electricity (a little something about getting shocked, you know), so I carefully read the directions and before heading up to Patrick's bedroom, did a trial run of using it in the kitchen.

Leaned over the kitchen counter, Mike and I waited for it to get started (By the way, he bought a humidifier in the shape of a penguin.  Very cute!).  As the mist started, Mike and I nearly did a dance around the room - we did it!!  No problems getting it started!  Yeah!

Eventually, we stopped out dance of joy and Mike put his face right into the mist.  "This makes me so happy," he says.  "I feel like I'm on a Disney World ride."

I told you guys we were dorks.

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