Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tales of the Rain and Humidifiers

No, they don't go together, but they sum up today.

Mike and I started out with plans to go see Rutgers play Syracuse this afternoon.  Originally, we planned to bring Patrick with us, but because of a forecast of rain, decided to leave him home with Grandma.  We wound up at the game late - we thought the game started at one time and once there (when we arrived, the game had already started), learned the game had been pushed up an hour.  We missed nearly the entire first quarter, which is fine, since Rutgers was down two touchdowns.  We made it through the second quarter, despite the rain that just would not stop, and saw Rutgers tie the score for halftime.  By halftime, many fans were gone - I'm telling you, the rain would not let up.  So cold and ..... wet.  We eventually left close to the end of the third quarter, with Rutgers leading.  Heard the rest of the game on the radio as we drove home - luckily, Rutgers were able to win this one.

Came home to hear Patrick congested.  He had been dealing with the congestion since morning, so it was no surprise to us.  Just called the doc, who thinks it might be a chest cold (duh!).  She advised us to run hot water in the bathroom and create a steam room for him.  And now Mike is out at Target (my favorite store!) buying a humidifier, because I carelessly forgot to get one when I was pregnant.  I honestly didn't think we would need one.  I thought wrong.  Very wrong.

But through it all, we continue forward.  I didn't realize that when Patrick turned one, things would get so much more challenging.  He's only been one for three weeks, and already we've had a stomach virus and now, a chest cold.  What else is there, Mommy readers?


Michael's Mommy said...

You reminded me that we have to get a humidifier, too! I like that you have been posting every day - I love to read your posts :)

acb said...

Croup. Croup is next. It sucks, too. Owen got it the day of his first bday party. Actually, your kid may not get croup unless he's prone to asthma. But that's contagious and scary as heck if his airways close up. I'm glad you didn't have to get a humidifier til now. That's awesome. We also bought a hot steam vaporizer, and that works well, too. One of the best things we've found for regular congestion are those things you plug in to an outlet and they release soothing vapors. PediaCare makes one, and so does triaminic. PediaCare's doubles as a nightlight. Look into it - it's a godsend!