Sunday, November 23, 2008

Husband: I'm too sexy for this diet

For the last few weeks, Mike and I have been watching what we're eating, trying to be healthy.  So far, we've been doing pretty well.  Although, I will admit, some days it's very hard.

Today, we were shopping for some Thanksgiving staples at our local warehouse supplier.  We kept passing people who were kept offering samples: cream puffs, cheesecake, sausage, etc.  We sampled a couple of things and when tempted with cheesecake, Mike politely declined.

He then turned to me, and said: I feel like such a supermodel - I am going to need to start smoking cigarettes and doing coke.

Is this really what supermodels are about?  I thought they were about world peace.


Courtney HS said...

The coke and ciggies are to comfort you AFTER you inhale not one, but two pieces of cheesecake then toss it all up in the alley of the warehouse your photo shoot is in....or so I've heard. ;) Great job on the new health regime! Lately we've been holding to a kitchen curfew to cut back on late-night snacking.

acb said...

Good job, guys! I always viewed Costco/Sam's samples as empty calories anyway! I mean, you're WALKING the cals off anyway by roaming the store. And carrying the big bulky things to put them in your cart. See, it's all a wash.

On my end, I seem to be gaining weight and I can't stop. :(