Thursday, November 13, 2008


My good friend, Jeanna, sent this over to me and instead of emailing it back out, I thought to post it here.  Don't know why it's 43 facts.  A little odd, no?

1. Do you like blue cheese?  No             
2. Have you ever smoked?  No
3. Do you own a gun?  Yes
4. What flavor Kool Aid is your favorite?  Don't have one
5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?  Always, especially the dentist!
6. What do you think of hot dogs?  Good ballgame food
7. Favorite Christmas movie?  It's a Wonderful Life and The Christmas Story
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Iced tea
9. Can you do push ups?  Yes
10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry?  My engagement ring
11. Favorite hobby?  Movies
12. Do you have A.D.D.?  No
13. What's one trait you hate about yourself?  My anxiousness
14. Middle name?  Currently Tang, formerly Maria
15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment:  I need to cut this hanging cuticle, When is Patrick going to wake up from his nap? and I need to take out the trash and recycling!

16. Penny saver?  Yes
17. Current worry?   Too many to list
21. Where would you like to go?  Back to Hawaii
22. Name three people who will complete this? Don't know, if you do it online, please let me know in the comments so I can check it out!
23. Do you own slippers?  Yes
24 What color shirt are you wearing?  Green
25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?  No
26. Can you whistle?  No
27. Favorite color?  Blue
28. Would you be a pirate?   No
29. What songs do you sing in the shower?  Whatever is on the radio

30. Favorite girl's name?  Jane

31. Favorite boy's name?  Jack
32. What's in your pocket right now?  Nothing

33. Last person that made you laugh?  Patrick
34. Best bed sheets as a child?  Holly Hobby, for sure
35 Worst injury you've ever had?  Believe it or not, I've never had a major injury!

36. Do you love where you live?  Yes
37. How many TVs do you have in your house?  Three
39. How many dogs do you have? None
40. Does someone have a crush on you?   I dunno
41. What is your favorite book?  Crime and Punishment (even though I haven't read it in 15 years)
42. What is your favorite candy?   Swedish Fish
43. Favorite Sports Team?  Florida Gators


acb said...

If your favorite boy name is Jack, why did you name Patrick Patrick and not Jack? Just curious.

Annie said...

Mike said Jack wasn't a name; he said it was the nicknama for John. So we went with Patrick instead. Maybe for the next one, right?

acb said...

A name is whatever you name the kid! :) I mean, look at Sade - they pronounce it Shar-day but it's spelled Sade, like Jade. AT least Jack is spelled how it sounds. :)