Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Pussycats Came Out in Full Force

His voice is always rich, he's always full of energy, and the women - they always go nuts for him!

How does the man do it?

Last night, at the start of the anniversary celebrating - we ventured to Englewood, New Jersey, along with what seemed to be 4,000 geriatrics, to see Sir Tom. He took the stage with a vengeance, joined with his energetic backup singers and excellent band.

Looking forward to the third row center seats, we were briefly annoyed to find that the theater had filled in the front with an additional three rows, putting us in the sixth row, but our annoyance was remedied with Tom's dancing and singing.

Below, pictures from the evening.

No celebrity sightings at this show. Maybe next time.

Let the sweat show begin!

His heart has 'love enough for two'!

The Pussycats danced in the aisles

Before the show

Bye, Tom - see you soon!


acb said...

I am thoroughly grossed out now. I can't even finish my morning oatmeal. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

So wait, are you and MGE pussycats, too? What's a dude pussycat? Is that a pussocat? Or a pussytom? LOL, I am dying of laughter here. Hahahaha, pussytom. get it, tomcat - a male cat (not to be confused with TomKat, and their imaginary TomKitten, Suri...). Never mind.

Annie said...

ACB - MGE says that because of your comments, you are in a lot of trouble with him and he's banning you for the next ten days. Not Owen, just you.

acb said...

I didn't mean to be mean! I was just asking if there was a term for a male pussycat. But I was mistaken, my deepest apologies. Please MGE, please, could you find it in your heart to forgive me??

Annie said...

ACB - MGE says he forgives you... in nine days!

Don't blame me, though, I totally disagree with him.