Thursday, June 01, 2006

It *Has* to Be Sung

Driving down to the Jersey Shore during Memorial Day weekend, the husband and I engaged in some interesting conversation:

Me: I can't believe that our friends, X and Y, went to an Air Supply concert for their honeymoon. I mean, in Vegas, they could have gone to a bunch of places. But an Air Supply concert? Who even likes Air Supply anymore?

My Hubby (singing): Lost in love and I don't know much. Was I thinking aloud and fell out of touch? But I'm back on my feet, eager to be what you wanted.

Me: Are you singing Air Supply?

My Hubby (continues singing): You know you can't fool me, I've been loving you too long. It started so easy, you want to carry on... carry on...

Me: You've got to be kidding.

My Hubby: Now I'm lost in love, lost in love...

After I regained my composure and cleaned up the drink I accidentally snorted out from my nose, the conversation continued:

Me: Is that your favorite Air Supply song? Did you dance to that song with some crazy girl when you were in high school or something? Tell me!!

My Hubby (clearly ignoring my jealous wife tendencies): What's your favorite Air Supply song?

Me (singing): Two less lonely people in the world and it's gonna be fine. Out of all the people in the world...

My Hubby (interupting my singing): Who even knows that song?

Me (continues singing): I just can't believe you're mine. In my life where everything was wrong, something finally went right! Now, there's two less lonely people in the world... tonight.

After my performance, I caught my breath and called Indian Friend #1:

Me: Quick, what's your favorite Air Supply song?

IF #1 (singing): Even the nights are better, now that we're here together. Even the nights are better, since I found you!

Me: Ok, great. Thanks. Bye.

Second phone call to Indian Friend #2. I got her voicemail.

Me: Hey, it's me!! We're taking a poll. What is your favorite Air Supply song? Call me back, ok?

Third phone call to Cuban American Friend:

Me: Hey, happy memorial day - what's your favorite Air Supply song?

CAF (singing): The beating of my heart is a drum and it's lost and it's looking for a rhythm like you.

Me: Oh! I love that one!

CAF (continues singing): Making love... out of nothing at all... making love... out of nothing at all!

Me: Awesome! Thanks! Talk to you later.

The next day, I had a voice mail from Indian Friend #2. Her message went like this:

IF #2: Hi, it's me!! My favorite Air Supply song is (singing) making love... out of nothing at all... making love... out of nothing at all and my husband's favorite one is (again with the singing) I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you!

How many people like
Air Supply? The answer: plenty! But here's the most interesting part of it all: no one can just tell you which song they like best. They have to sing it. And they sing it with so much gusto you would think they were performing it at Carnegie Hall.


Amy said...

Air Supply was hugely popular in Utah. Especially at BYU, where they would always sell out. I was almost convinced that their entire fan bas was in Utah. That is until I Moved to Miami, and my Brazilian neighbors blasted (if you can call it that) Air Supply every single night.

My fave: Even the Nights Are Better.

Thanks to you Annie, I'm gonna be singing Air Supply all freaking day.

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