Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Musical Firsts

I found this meme online and thought to post it. Everyday, I realize just how much music has influenced my life and most of my crazy antics. Feel free to tag yourself!

First CD/Album Purchased: I honestly can't remember the first album I bought. It may have been a Menudo LP. I do, however, remember the first album I received as a gift. It was the Grease soundtrack and I am pretty sure it's sitting pretty at my parents' house.

First Concert: Duran Duran

First Musical Obsession: I had many musical obsessions! To name a few: Olivia Newton-John, Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer. Oh yeah, and Christopher Cross.

First Musical Crush: Ricky, from Menudo. It wasn't until many years later that I fell in love with the other Ricky in Menudo.

First Musical/Musical Movie: Grease - I wanted to be ONJ!

First Stereo: Growing up, we used to have this turntable record player (we also had an 8-track player that my dad used to hook up in the car). When I was about six years old, my parents bought me my very own record player. It looked like a suitcase and I used to pack it up and carry it from room to room. Oh yeah, it had Popeye on it and it looked something like this.

First Portable Device/Player: In my early teen years, or maybe it was my pre-teen years, I had a Sony walkman. It was yellow and waterproof.

First Musical Format Owned (i.e. LP, Cassette, 8 Track, CD): LP -the Grease one.

First 45/CD Single Purchased: I can't remember. It was, most likely, something in the disco family, though.

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