Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Innocent Youth (soon to be revisited!)

As I was approaching my teen years, I fell in love with New Kids on the Block and absolutley loved Jordan Knight. I loved him so much that I bought a Stylistics record - yes, record - so I could listen to it (as an aside, I should thank Jordan Knight for an interview he did saying he was inspired by them, it completely opened my ears to fantastic music that I still listen to today) because if Jordan loved it, so did I.

Over the last few weeks, rumors have been flying around about a possible New Kids reunion. Thankfully, the rumors are true. They will be performing next month in my neck of the woods.

I never got to see them in the late 80's, when I was a big fan. Instead, I played their records, watched their videos and paid attention to the issues of Teen Beat (or whatever teen magazine would feature them). Unfortunately, I don't have any mementos of them from those years, but I still remember all their songs and moves.

I am certain there are a million other girls who are frantic that the boys will be on tour. I am sure they are ready to jump them, scream, cry, dance, and sing.

I think this dorky geeky girl may very well be joining them. :)

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Freckle Face Girl said...

You must be just a little younger than me. I was already a Junior in high school when they hit it big. All the girls a little younger were big fans.