Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Month Six

Dear Patrick,

Another month has come and gone. This sixth month of your life was full of wonder and awe – for both you and I. You started by celebrating your first Easter at Grandma’s house. On this day, we introduced you to your “office” – your exersaucer. We weren’t sure you would take to it, but as soon as we put you in it, you started playing with all the toys attached to it, making noises, bouncing, smiling, loving every minute of it. It has become one of the favorite toys at home – for all of us. You also love your toys, most of which make some kind of noise.

You continue to put everything in your mouth, including your feet! Actually, you are attempt
ing this, but it’s not easy at all.

This month, you rolled over for the first time and now, we cannot keep you on your stomach for any amount of time. As soon as you are put down, you go right into your roll position. The first time you rolled over, we got so excited. We clapped and cheered and you got really scared. You cried, but soon realized it was a game. And now, when you roll over, you wait for us to cheer you on.

You are babbling and drooling, communicating with people and your toys. Your sleeping habits are wonderful – we couldn’t ask for more. Well, except maybe that you would nap during the day. Right now, you will nap for very short periods of time and by late afternoon, you are exhausted, cranky, and ornery. Add to that the pain of teething, and it’s sometimes a tough afternoon. But honestly, it is so minute compared to the rest of the day. You smile and coo and shriek. Then you smile some more.

You love your bathtime and it has become a nighttime (or every other night!) ritual for you and your dad. I love to hear your hear your dad talk to you during this time. He tells you all about baseball and football. He sings to you – “I feel good!” Then he gets you ready for bed, you give me a big gummy smile and off you drift until the next morning.

Another thing – everyone loves you. EVERYONE. You are extremely friendly and rarely put up a fight when you are held, even by people you don’t see very often. I hope you carry this trait with you always.

You are also eating foods now. Cereal mixed with your formula. Applesauce. Peaches. You are skeptical at first, you aren’t too sure what to do, but when you taste the sweetness of the fruit, you are in heaven. You open your mouth WIDE and BIG and then slowly, but surely, you figure out that you have to swallow it, then ask for more.

Little boy, keep making up smile. Luckily, it doesn’t take much for you to do that.



acb said...

Awww, that's so sweet! You'll remember these little things later in life - like what fruits he loved, which ones he hated, which ones he loved then hated, and hated then loved ... it's great. :)

And listen, re: the teething - a tip if you want it. Owen was a really, really good sleeper - and then when he hit six months, Blam. From six to 8 months we couldn't figure it out. FINALLY I read/heard somewhere that teething doesn't bother kids that much when they are awake, because they have other things to focus the pain on. But when they lay down at for a nap or at night, there is nothing else distracting them, so they really really feel the pain. Take some baby ambesol (very little) and rub it on his gums before bed/nap. That helped us SO much. (we only used it once a day before bedtime for a few days at a time, i think)

Freckle Face Girl said...

They just get more fun every day!

Courtney HS said...

Stop making this look so fun and easy Anna! You're messing up my plan of "girlfriends with babies = birth control"! :)
We love Patrick so much and can't wait to see him again. Hugs