Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Tree

There's a tree that sits in my backyard. It's not huge, but it gives us privacy from our neighbors (read: they can't see into our kitchen when the blinds are open). Anyway... each Spring, the tree blooms these gorgeous white flowers. When we bought this house, one of the first pictures we saw was of this tree. Eventually, the white flowers fall and everything becomes green. In the Fall, the leaves turn reddish, also a really nice view, and then fall, leaving the tree bare for the winter.

A few days ago, the tree bloomed. As always, it's gorgeous. I finally took a picture of it this morning:

I also took a picture of what the tree does to me every Spring. No, I'm not high. I just have hayfever. I'm miserable, people!

But my sense of humor is intact. Here's our political endorsement for 2008:

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acb said...

Hopefully little Paddy won't suffer the same allergies as you! Little Stinker Owen has been blessed with both his mama and daddy's prediliction to allergies.