Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Many Milestones

So, yeah, Patrick learned that he can scream. The last few days, he has been yelling and screaming and then squeals with delight and smiles at me, as if to say, "Hey Mama, I'm cool, I can yell. Don't you like it?"

While I am proud of this, it's always nice when he tires himself so much, he needs to take a nap. Twenty minutes later, he's awake again, yelling again.

On to the point of this post, though. Tonight, Mike and I were getting him ready for bed. I warmed up his bath water, while Mike stripped him of his drool-coated oufit. We decided to let him have a few minutes of tummy time and suddenly, Patrick turned over. Mike and I were so excited, we started clapping and cheering. Poor Patrick got so scared, he started crying. Milestone accomplished. I never knew I could experience such joy, watching my son roll over from his belly to his back.

Fast forward a few minutes. We've calmed him down from our cheering. He's happy again and since he's wearing only a diaper (because he is supposed to get a bath before bed), I started to kiss and tickle him. He's thrilled and smiling his gummy smile at me. And suddenly, we hear it: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Patrick is laughing. Holy crap! This time, we're wise: no cheering, no clapping. And he smiles his gummy smile at us and kicks his legs in delight. Milestone accomplished.

We finally got him into the bathtub. I had to reheat his water but it was well-worth it. A few minutes later, he was laying in his crib, ready to sleep, exhausted from all the work of rolling and laughing.

My son. The genius!

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