Thursday, June 28, 2007

Up Too Late Last Night

Yesterday I read Marta's post on Six Degrees of Separation.

Of course, I had to participate.

And then, when Mike got home from work, we played as we drifted off into sleep.

Mike: Okay, link Julie Andrews to Salma Hayek.

Me: Hmmmmm, okay, I got it! Julie Andrews was in Shrek the Third with Rupert Everett who was in My Best Friend's Wedding with Julia Roberts who was in Ocean's 11 with George Clooney who was in From Dusk till Dawn with Salma Hayek.

Mike: Alright. You're good. Please, go to sleep. It's past 1 am.

Me: Fine. But tomorrow, we play again!

Oh Marta, you have created a monster. :)

P.S. We tried one last one before we (finally!) called it a night. I know we got it, but I can't remember it right now - give it a try: Jonathan Silverman to Patrick Stewart.


Lara said...

Anna, pretty soon you won't be staying up late playing games, you will be up late feeding the baby! A different world, but great!

Marta said...

Jonathan Silverman was in Caddyshack II with Chevy Chase who was in The Three Amigos with Steve Martin who was in L.A. Story with Patrick Stewart. I had to double-check IMDB to see if my memory was correct. And it was! =D
Annie - I know about the obsession. I feel your pain. ;-)

Freckle Face Girl said...

There is an easier one:

Julie Andrews was in Shrek with Antonio Banderas, who was in Desperado with Salma Hayek.

As far as the other one, I can't come up with any.