Friday, June 22, 2007

Pregnancy Update

I knew the honeymoon phase of pregnancy couldn't last that long.

On Wednesday, FeeNo provided me with my first experience of heartburn. In my 32 years, I've never had it. Now, I've had it for three days straight.

Does it mean that FeeNo is going to be hairy? That's what I've heard: mothers with heartburn have babies with lots of hair. But both Mike and I were bald babies, so in my mind, that tells me that FeeNo will most likely be bald too. Right?

Maybe not.

All in all, though, things are going well. Another pound gained this week (that's a total of 7, people, 7 pounds in 21 weeks!) and a fetal heartbeat that was music to my ears. Unlike other appointments, FeeNo fully cooperated this week and didn't turn over when the doppler was on my belly.

Physically, I think I have officially 'popped'. My lower belly is hard as a rock and the hardness extends to my belly button. My summer suit no longer fits and I had to go shopping for various pieces of maternity clothes (pants, button down shirts, skirts, etc).

As far as FeeNo goes, I read that this is the week where he can hear the outside world. Mike and I have been reading to the belly for a long time now (since 6 weeks, I think) and I would like to think that the child is already well-versed in the poetry of Shel Silverstein and Jose Marti, as well as the rhymes of Dr. Seuss. My favorite of all the books we're reading is Hueves Verdes Con Jamon, the Spanish translation of Green Eggs and Ham. I am particularly pleased that the main character in the book is not Sam, but rather, Juan Ramon.

I think that's all for now. I'm looking forward to the official start of summer this weekend. And hopefully, the summer will fly right past me. That only means that FeeNo's arrival will come so much sooner and I really can't wait for that.


Marta said...

Annie -
I read to all four of my bellies and I have four very literate bibliophile kids.
Not only that, but at birth, they all had the moment when they turned their little newborn heads to the sound of my voice - ay! que felicidad!
When I was pregnant with my oldest, Amy (24) I was reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy to that belly. I have since gone on to read it to them at least a dozen times. And it is still their favorite book.
Keep it up!

Freckle Face Girl said...

Sorry to hear about the heartburn. I haven't never heard of it resulting in a hairy baby, but who knows?

Your entry reminded me of how fun the first one is, especially when you get to buy a new wardrobe. I kept all of my maternity clothes. I have bought a few things, but not much.

Freckle Face Girl said...

OOps... I meant to say I have never heard of it resulting in a hairy baby, but who knows?

acb said...

Yo baby is gonna be hairy! :) Dark hair, I think. And not necessarily hairy like Owen, but I had a dream where the baby had a head of brown hair. AND I had a dream on the sex, too! I'm 5 for 5 on guessing sex of babies when I've tried. I'm just sayin.

You were really tired in the dream. But happy.