Friday, June 29, 2007

Pregnancy: Things No One Warned Me About, Part I

  1. Heartburn. Oh, the heartburn.

  2. Skintags. Enough said.

  3. The widdle waddle way I may or may not be walking.

  4. Mood swings.

  5. The amazing feeling of having the baby kick or punch you repeatedly. It felt like a repeated heartbeat in my belly! Incredible!!

And I'm only 22 and 1/2 weeks into this!


Freckle Face Girl said...

I have never even heard of skintags. I had to google it. Sorry, I couldn't have warned you about that one or heartburn.

As far as the mood swings, I have heard that lots of wives who are basically in "happy" marriages threaten divorce at least once during pregnancy. :)

Tanya Scott said...

I told you all about my mood swings and heartburn, so I guess like my husband and my MIL you don't listen to me.

Anonymous said...

Anna, just put a little "New Skin" on the tags and they will go away!!
The mood swings occur whether we are pregnant or not - we're woman and we're entitled! The waddle just comes with trying to keep your balance. Wait until you have to rock yourself a couple of time just to get out of a chair.