Friday, June 08, 2007

Good News

On my last visit to the doctor on Wednesday, I had blood drawn to check my hemoglobin A1c. Even before pregnancy, I was very careful with caring for my health, which ultimately led me to become pregnant. After learning of the pregnancy, I obviously became even more aware of how diabetes can cause so many complications to FeeNo and myself.

I have been on top of my health and the results of the test show it.

I am proud - yes, proud - to report that my levels are almost that of a 'normal' person. That is, of someone without diabetes. This reduces the risks of complications significantly. Coupled with the fact that I am feeling good and that FeeNo is growing at a beautiful rate, I think I can commend myself on a job well done thus far.

And my daily prayers of a healthy and positive pregnancy have been answered too - I'm halfway there and haven't had any symptoms that are out of the ordinary. Not even for a healthy woman with no health conditions.

I thank everyone that reads this blog for asking how I am, and checking back often to see if I have posted anything new. Your positive vibes are helping, I am certain of it.

Now, let's hope and pray that the second half of this pregnancy is as successful as the first half has been. And when it's time for FeeNo to come out, let's hope it's as smooth as can be.

Until then, I anxiously await FeeNo's arrival. Already, I couldn't love this kid more. Imagine how I'll be when I can hold FeeNo?

I'll be a blubbering fool.


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Freckle Face Girl said...

That is a huge accomplishment. It isn't easy being ultra healthy all the time. You'll definitely be a blubbering fool, but aren't most moms? The red puffy eyes and tears of joy make us look even prettier after after child birth. That is what I told myself anyway. :)