Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Beast of Burden

I hear this song playing on the radio. It makes me want to get up and start dancing. Not the kind of dancing that you would do in a club. A kind of dancing that you do when you are home alone, dusting the house. Or a kind of dancing that you might do in your underpants when you think no one is looking. Something like that.

I went to see the doctor today for a 19 week visit. Once again, things look really good. I heard FeeNo's heartbeat again - it was in the 140s. Very good.

And I have gained another 4 pounds. So... that's 12 pounds lost, then 2 gained, and now, another 4 gained. I should be happy, since that's an actual loss of 6 pounds overall, but then the doctor mentioned my belly. Or should I say: my bellies.

(As an aside, when my best friend, acb, was pregnant, she referred to her bellies. She called them 'mama belly' and 'baby belly.' )

The best part is when he said that FeeNo is pushing my fat upwards. That's why my upper belly (mama belly) is so flabby and my lower belly (baby belly) is so tight.

That's all I needed to hear to be convinced that I am very sexy. A sexy beast.

I'm going home, finding the Rolling Stones CD and popping it in to dance tonight.

Poor Mike: he has his very own Beast of Burden on his hands.


Juli said...

Oh, Anna you know you will always be sexy to me. Even when you get all hot & bothered over the very disgusting & old Tom Jones.

Aunt Jacky said...

Just wait till he takes over your whole belly!!!!

Aunt Jacky

acb said...

My belly looked weird til about 7.5-8 months! TOO MUCH MAMA BELLY TO PUSH UP! LOL

occasionalconfusion said...

Glad to hear that baby and you are doing great. Hey! any new pregnancy symptoms?