Sunday, June 10, 2007

What Did You Think?

I am away from a computer for the entire day tomorrow, but I am super interested in finding out what everyone thought of tonight's final episode of The Sopranos.

I am going to take the rest of the night (and possibly all day tomorrow) to finish processing it.

Comments are welcomed and encouraged.


Sofi said...

I loved it! But I'm in a state of mourning, now that it's really over.

Courtney Lynn said...

Well, when I first saw it my cynical Jersey took over and I was thinking "WHAT a cop out! They totally just left it open for mercenary reasons *in case* they want to do a movie or revisit later on down the line. How uncreative - I understand not wanting to end in a way that anyone had anticipted, but that is why their writers get paid the big bucks and I don't!!!!"
My artsy New York side tookover and I realized that it emphasized the mundane existence that he leads 99% of the time. Just like many men, he is the dad in a dysfunctional family whom he loves...his job just *happens* to be the head of a major organized crime family. Also, I LOVED the fact that it really made the viewer feel the constant juxtapositions and dichotemy of Tony's life. Here we are watching a family scene with a cheesy background track, but looking at all of the extras in the scene with a crooked eye. WHY are those two men at the counter? WHO is that guy using the phone? WHY is Meadow running in like that? That is his life...cut to black. PERFECT.